Though it looks like Rhea Ripley is about to enter into a feud with none other than a returning Nia Jax, fans have already begun to look past the “The Irresistible Force” in order to find the sort of run-defining foe that folks will remember long after her WWE World Heavyweight Championship run comes to an end.

And, considering Ripley already has a win over performers like Akira Tozawa and has powered through male performers like Luke Gallows and Kevin Owens on the outside as her Chyna-esque legend continues to grow, it's safe to say fans want to see that moment come against a male Superstar.

Talking to Riju Dasgupta of Sportskeeda Wrestling about all things Superstardom, Ripley was asked if she had any male dream opponents in the WWE Universe and admitted that she did, naming off two performers she has a personal history with that would make for very fun matches.

“I got a lot of male dream opponents. Obviously I would love to beat some sense into Dom’s deadbeat father. I think me versus Rey Mysterio would be absolutely amazing, and I would put him in his place,” Rhea Ripley said via Fightful. “Then there’s also Edge. I would love to face Edge. He was the leader of The Judgment Day at one point, and Mami don’t like getting bosses around by anyone. I don’t like feeling like I have someone in charge, and that’s why The Judgment Day works so well now. So I still have a lot of pent-up aggression against Edge that I would love to get out. But then there’s one more person that everyone keeps throwing at me, and that’s Randy Orton. They want Randy to come back so that I can get RKO’ed because I keep sticking my business in the men’s business. ‘Rhea Ripley keeps hitting the men, they can’t hit her back.’ They can hit me back. They just choose not to. You know why? Because they know their place, they know their role, and they know Mami’s always on top.”

Would it be cool as all you-know-what to see Ripley retire Edge and/or Rey Mysterio at the tail ends of their professional wrestling careers? You bet; Ripley versus Mysterio feels like the exact kind of match that WWE would actually book, considering the Hall of Famer's offense is heavily based on Lucha theatrics, but it's not like that sort of in-ring battle is something brand new, as Ripley and Mysterio have actually wrestled mixed tag matches on ten occasions, according to Cagematch. Ripley against Randy Orton, especially considering his own injury status, could be the true defining moment of this run for more reasons than one, and define the WWE World Heavyweight Champion as a truly transcendent female Superstar.

Rhea Ripley explains her relationship with Dominik Mysterio.

Elsewhere in her conversation with Sportskeeda, Rhea Ripley was asked about her relationship with “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio and how it relates to her relationship with Buddy Matthews, her actual fiance since earlier this summer.

While it shouldn't be too surprising that wrestlers can separate their wrestling personas from their regular lives – as, *spoiler alert* Rhea Ripley isn't even her real name – the “Eradicator” laid out how she's able to separate her two realities.

“To be honest, it's pretty easy,” Rhea Ripley said via Wrestling News. “Look, I love my fiance. I think he's great, but when I'm at work, I am a completely different human being. When I'm at work, Dom is my partner. He is my partner in crime. He is my Latino heat, my ‘Dirty' Dominik Mysterio, and I will do absolutely anything I can to get him on top of anyone that he's against. But yeah, for me, it's sort of like a switch, and he understands that as well. That's why it works.”

Is it weird for Matthews to see his fiance seemingly go head over heels for the dirty, doughy, debonair Dom Dom Mysterio? Most definitely so; AEW fans make fun of Matthews for Ripley's affinity for Mysterio all the time, and whenever he posts about her on social media, the trolling gets even worse. Still, the concept of pairing up Ripley and Mysterio, though confusing at first, has proven to be one of the true creative strokes of genius by Paul “Triple H” Levesque during his first year as the leader of the WWE Universe. If Matthews doesn't like it, he'll have to get used to it quick, as it's hard to see a world where this act doesn't continue on for years and years and years to come.