Johnny Gargano, former The Way leader and now one-half of the reformed #DIY stable, gets his rather disappointing WWE 2K24 ratings reveal.

UpUpDownDown revealed to their current UpUpDownDown champion his WWE 2K24 ratings, and Johnny Gargano couldn't be even more disappointed with the result. Johnny Gargano, sometimes called Johnny Wrestling by fans, only got a WWE 2K24 rating of 74 OVR.

This new rating for Johnny Gargano is the lowest he's ever had in a WWE video game and the former NXT Champion can't be too happy with this new rating. He is, after all, an NXT Triple Crown Champion, so the disrespect to his name is too much.

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Johnny Gargano, however, has not been used well ever since he got called up to the main roster. He hasn't achieved much when he was feuding with his former mentee, Austin Theory. He also hasn't won a lot with Tommaso Ciampa as the reformed #DIY. Hopefully, we get to see a new push for Johnny Gargano, and an improved rating by this time again next year, as we all know what this guy is capable of.

As for his #DIY partner Tommaso Ciampa, it's confirmed that he's going to be a part of WWE 2K24, but we're not yet sure about his rating. Gargano's wife, Candice LeRae, is also likely going to be in the game, but she hasn't been officially revealed yet. Stick around with us here in ClutchPoints Gaming to get the latest WWE 2K24 news and updates when they drop.