Ricochet has become one of WWE's reliable constants, but that also means he has become predictable. That also applies to the high flyer's WWE 2K24 OVR ratings.

WWE 2K24's rating for Ricochet is to be expected, given the lot that was given to him in the company and considering how he's not really doing anything right now but sitting in catering. That being said, with all things considered, one could even still consider Ricochet lucky to retain his spot in WWE 2K24, seeing how many others have lost more points in their ratings.

Ricochet's WWE 2K24 OVR Rating sits at a comfortable 81, pretty good for a midcarder who hasn't proven anything yet on the Main Roster. Probably winning another belt could get him back on track, but right now 81 feels just right for The One and Only. It is, after all, just one point lower than his 82 score last year.

We do know that Ricochet can be great, so we want to see him back around his WWE 2K20 rating which was 85 OVR. Maybe challenging for the US Championship sometime this year would do the trick – but he of course has to bring it home.

Either way, Ricochet's already a winner for being the fiancé of Samantha Irvin, so at least he has that going for him.

For everyone else on the WWE 2K24 roster, we'll just have to wait for their WWE 2K24 ratings. In the meantime, be sure to stick with us here at ClutchPoints Gaming for the latest WWE 2K24 news and updates.