When news broke that Bray Wyatt was going to appear at Crown Jewel, the entire WWE Universe waited with bated breath to see what the former Fiend had to say in the ring. Fortunately, he didn’t disappoint.

“My name is Bray Wyatt,” Wyatt began. “There was a time I would have done just about anything to make sure that when you left this building tonight, you knew exactly who I am. Here’s something a lot of you probably don’t know about me, but I come from a very prestigious family, a wrestling family. And some might say that they’re even larger than life. So, from the time when I was a little child all I ever wanted to be was great. But great, great wasn’t good enough; I had to be greater than the rest of them. I had to be the greatest of all of them. And so-”

Before Wyatt could continue on, the crowd erupted with chants of “yes you are,” leading the son of Mike Rotunda to visibly blush.

“‘Yes, you are,’ that’s the point though, right?” Wyatt continued. “Is that I did what I thought I needed to do, I gave in. I gave in so much that I made a monster of myself. And I wore that mask with pride, and it didn’t take me long to understand that, when I was wearing that mask, I no longer felt pain. I could no longer feel afraid. In the mask, I was completely untouchable and that type of thing, it feels good. Some might say that sensations like that are just about impossible to quit and that’s how I felt. I found myself in a kingdom of nothingness, sitting on an island by myself and this monster that I had made myself into. He destroyed me and he ran off everyone I’d ever loved. So there I sat, alone, no one to love me, nowhere to run; alone.”

After the crowd once again interjected, this time with chants of “we love you,” Wyatt questioned the sentiment.

“But that’s the thing, no one loves me,” Wyatt said. “People love the idea of me; people love the things that I’m capable of. I don’t even love me. But this doesn’t have to be the ending of my story. That is not the man I want to be remembered as. My name is Bray Wyatt, my name is Bray Wyatt, my name is Bray Wyatt and I am here to re-write the ending to my story!”

Uncle Howdy has a thing or two to say on Bray Wyatt’s WWE re-write.

With the Saudi Arabian crowd fully behind him and the main event match of Crown Jewel rapidly approaching, Wyatt’s musing on his surprising return to The Fed was once again interrupted by a loud disruption on the screen. But who could it be? Was it Alexa Bliss getting back at Wyatt for his early interruption to her pre-match interview ahead of losing the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship to the Damage CTRL duo of Dakota Kai and IYO SKY? Nope, it was everyone’s favorite extended member of the Rotunda family, Uncle Howdy.

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“Who knows you better than I do?” Uncle Howdy asked Wyatt. “Do you think they will still love you if they knew the truth? They don’t deserve you. The truth is, you’re gonna go too far, you’re gonna give in, so why wait? Cause when you do, you’ll remember just how good it feels. And boy is it going to feel so good. (Do it.) If you’re worried about the aftermath, (hurt them) just don’t take the mask off. Tell me I’m wrong.”

Oh goodness, was Wyatt about to finally have an interaction with Uncle Howdy? Were the duo going to have a back-and-forth conversation or at least have the former Universal Champion address what played on the massive screen inside of the massive stadium in that far-off country? Nope; for the umteenth time (fifth?) Wyatt once again walked off when Howdy was finished, and the show moved on to the main event just like nothing had happened. Will this story ever move forward? Will Howdy and Wyatt continue to pass like ships in the night with no face-to-face – or even mic-to-mic – interactions? Only time will tell, but needless to say, there needs to be some sort of a resolution to this story, even if it doesn’t feature Wyatt and Uncle Howdy – presumably played by his brother Taylor Rotunda, aka Bo Dallas – duking it out in a wrestling ring in what might just go down as the weirdest match in WWE history.

… then again, Wyatt did wrestle Goldberg at another show in Saudi Arabia that goes down as an all-time dud, so maybe that isn’t a particularly high bar to clear.