When news broke that John Cena was officially returning to the WWE Universe not just for an appearance on the first SmackDown of the month of September, broadcast to fans around the world from Hershey, Pennsylvania, but for a confirmed match at Superstar Spectacle in India on September 8th, it left fans from all over the WWE Universe speculating on who he could wrestle in only his second match of 2023.

Would Cena demand a rematch with Austin Theory, who he could certainly get a win back from after a cheap finish at WrestleMania 39? How about Grayson Waller, who he had a promo battle with for over 12 minutes in the middle of Money in the Bank in London? Could LA Knight get the rub, considering how hot he is both on the mic and in the ring and how interested WWE appears to be in legitimizing his current run?

How about Cody Rhodes, the “American Nightmare” who has cited John Cena as an influence throughout his career, including after his match with Dominik Mysterio at Money in the Bank? Taking to Reddit for a special AMA to help promote his Peacock documentary American Nightmare: Becoming Cody Rhodes, the “Grandon of a Plummer” was asked if he's going to wrestle Cena, to which the commenter received a very interesting response.

“I asked John if he does one more…to consider that match,” Cody Rhodes wrote. “If not though, I'm blessed to have been under his learning tree and shared a ring with him in the past.”

While a match between Rhodes and Cena wouldn't be something new, as the duo have shared the ring on 76 occasions during their shared time in WWE, but it would mark the first time where they share the ring as equals, which would certainly mean the world to the “American Nightmare.” Though only time will tell what the future holds for both men at Superstar Spectacle, Rhodes rarely does anything without some intention behind it.

Cody Rhodes had a very special message for The Judgment Day in Montreal.

Though he wasn't initially booked for a match on the Montreal edition of RAW – maybe Paul “Triple H” Levesque thought Canada wouldn't be receptive to the “American Nightmare” in a sort of Bret Hart-Shawn Michaels sort of way – Cody Rhodes still decided to stop by the backstage area to discuss his feelings in an interview with Byron Saxton, but before too long, the “Grandon of a Plummer” wasn't too satisfied with the arrangement, so he walked the camera crew out to the ramp and decided to talk to his people.

Asked by Saxton what he wanted to say, Rhodes cut into his feelings on The Judgment Day, but not before complimenting RAW‘s new commentary team.

“First order of business, down the aisle from me, I have to say hello and welcome the newest commentators for Monday Night RAW, my friend Wade Barrett and the voice of WWE, Michael Cole. It's like a JBL Cole show reunion, shout out to the Cowboy. Everybody'd seen the clip last week, Judgment Day, vying to be the biggest group in all of sports entertainment, what do they have on their side? The numbers game. I've gotta respect it, but if there was one place on the map where the numbers didn't matter, if there was on place on the map where the odds weren't in their favor, it would be down the road from where Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn grew up. I need to hear y'all, because I want the Judgment Day to hear all of you! Will you be in the corner of Kevin and Sami tonight? You won't be alone, there is no love loss between The Judgment Day and I. I will be watching very closely. But tonight is about Kevin; tonight is about Sami. We are all going to watch The Judgment Day rise and fall!”

Fortunately for Zayn and Owens, Rhodes did keep a close eye on the match, and when the contest between the WWE Tag Team Champions and The Judgment Day was thrown out, he marched down to the ring and demanded to have a new trios bout thrown together with himself and his Quebec pals against Damian Priest, Finn Balor, and “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio. While the hometown heroes – plus Rhodes – ultimately came out of the contest with the win, it appears only a matter of time before their feud comes to a true head and The Judgment Day and the babyfaces have to finish things once and for all in a Rhodes family classic, WarGames.