Though the WWE Universe is still reeling from the loss of the weird, non-bearded son of Ernie Jr. that no one knew they needed but instantly fell in love with, Ezekiel, the return of Elias has been a relative success on Raw, earning a huge pop in his triumphant return before wrestling a solid match against everyone’s favorite former Olympian-turned-jobber Chad Gable. Like his brother before him, Elias may not be the flashiest performer around, with seldom a Hurricanrana or an Escalera to be found, but his gimmick is very much over, as are the prospects of a Jeff Jarrett-style guitar smash to the head that occurs every third match or so.

Securing a win in his first match since a Symphony Of Destruction match versus Jaxson Ryker in July of 2021, Elias was able to overcome Gable with relative ease, but the tables were swiftly turned once the final bell rang, when Otis took the ring to defend his friend’s honor. Suddenly faced with the prospect of fighting in a two-on-one brawl without any rules, Elias took a few licks from the Alpha Academy before none other than Matt Riddle emerged from the back to even the odds and help out his fellow superstar.

So what gives? Are Elias and Riddle going to become friends? Will the former take up the latter’s offer to play drums in his impromptu concerts in an arena near you and suddenly become the top musical act in the company – no offense to Shinsuke Nakamura and Rick Boogs? Fortunately, Cathy Kelley of the RAW commentary team caught up with Riddle for RAW Talk to ask him that very question and oh so many more.

Has Elias found a new WWE collaborator in Matt Riddle?

When asked if his decision to save Elias from an Alpha Academy beatdown at the hands of Otis and Chad Gable was the start of a budding “Bromance” Elias, Riddle fished on his potential new bandmate.

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“You know, there’s only one Randy so I don’t want to say it’s a budding romance, but I am a huge fan of Elias’ music and work and I’m good friends with Zeke so I wasn’t going to let the Alpha Academy jump him,” Riddle said. “So I did what any good bro would do and I saved my other bro.”

Noticing his bongos, Kelley asked if the WWE Universe was going to get a collaboration between the “Original Bro” and the “Troubadour” anytime soon, Riddle was a bit more candid, or, at least as candid as the dude wearing a purple and green 420 Bro shirt can be.

“You know, he said no tonight but I’ve got my fingers crossed, it my bong three, to four, to maybe 20 times a week and, you know, just do it,” Riddle replied. “Hey, do you want to hit the bong?” Riddle asked, and after receiving a few hits, he suggested that maybe Kelley should be in the band too, to which he suggested that she should probably leave it to the professionals.

“I should probably leave it to the professionals too,” Riddle concluded. “But we’ll talk about it. I’ve got to get going, I’ve got to see what Elias is doing, and see what everybody else is doing. Later!”

Goodness, I don’t know about you, but that segment made me feel like I hit Riddle’s bong too. Good luck with that, Elias!