After being away from television for a few weeks due to ending up on the wrong side of a “Loser Leaves Town” match against the Tony D'Angelo Family on NXT, Legado del Fantasma returned to the WWE Universe in a big way when the trio of Santos Escobar, Cruz Del Toro, and Joaquin Wilde attacked Hit Row when they got into the ring before clearing it.

Though the trio entered the ring wearing masks, it was far from a surprise to see which performers were under the hoods when they were removed. What was surprising, however, was the female companion who joined the trio in the ring, as none other than Zelina Vega, the former queen and real-life wife of Malakai Black who has been off of television since April. Given a microphone, Vega addressed the crowd and WWE Universe as a whole.

“Zelina Vega is back, and I did not come alone,” said Zelina Vega, before handing the microphone off to Escobar. “We are Legado del Fantasma, SmackDown is ours,” Escobar declared. “Be safe.”

Whoa, now that was cool; bringing the former NXT standouts onto SmackDown is a fantastic addition, but what happened to Electra Lopez, the trio's usual valet? Mike Johnson of PW Insider wrote on the matter before the show.

“Lopez was originally slated to be at TV tonight but we are told that over the last 24 hours, creative changed and she is not in MA. As of today, she is not slated to be with the group going forward even though she exited WWE NXT with them from a storyline standpoint.”

Welp, there you go; while only time will tell if Legado del Fantasma is better off with Vega instead of Lopez, it's clear the unit isn't going to be a flash-in-the-pan addition to the SmackDown roster.