Rhea Ripley is a fantastic talent in a WWE ring. She has a fantastic image, a charismatic presence, and enough talent on the mic to make fans cheer or boo depending on her intentions.

From her impressive run in NXT to her early success in WWE and her eventual run as the female member of the Edge-turned-Finn Balor-led group Judgement Day, the 25-year-old from Adelaide, Australia has the makings of a main event star for years, nay, decades to come.

With that being said, don't expect Ripley back in a RAW ring anytime soon, as her return from a combination teeth/brain injury currently has her wearing a heart monitor to best track her recovery. While this isn't necessarily a bad thing for her long-term health, as such technological testing tools can be used for precautionary reasons, it does spell the end of any immediate feud between Ripley and Bianca Belair and another round of trios action between Judgement Day and a trio like Edge, Beth Phoenix, and A.J. Styles.

Unfortunate? You bet but hey, there's enough life in Judgement Day's current angle to keep them afloat until Ripley is back on track.

The Mysterios can hold things down until Rhea Ripley returns to the WWE.

With both Rhea Ripley and Edge gone, Judgement Day have turned their collective gaze to none other than the Mysterios: Rey and Dominik. They feel like Rey is doing a poor job shepherding his son's career through the WWE – which, considering they were the first and only father-son tag team champions in company history is sort of hard to believe – and would like to see Dominik join their ranks instead in the pursuit of bigger and better things.

Though the budding feud between the two parties has only just begun, with the teams squaring off in their first RAW match in the Mysterios' hometown of San Diego, Rey's decision to politic his way into an Eddie Guerrero-esque win only added fuel to the fire between the two teams and resulted in a brutal backstage beatdown on Dominik's dad. If the Judgement Day wants to prove to the younger Mysterio that his father is over the hill – or that he should have signed with AEW when his contract expired – beating him down over the next few weeks ahead of a match at SummerSlam could provide an interesting enough angle not too distant from when Guerrero and Rey feuded over who was Dominik's true father.

Goodness, could you imagine Rey and Edge teaming up to fight Judgement Day for the honor of Dominik? Or Rey having to wrestle Dom for the “Rey Mysterio” name or *gasp* even his mask? Does anyone have enough faith in the Balor-led unit to actually sustain Dominik's career if his father is no longer an active wrestler? Ripley or no Ripley, this has a chance to be very interesting indeed.

Would the rollout of the new Judgement Day have been better if Rhea Ripley was healthy enough to perform in a full-time capacity? You bet. Could Ripley still roll back into a storyline that also features the Mysterios either with Dominik in the group or fighting against them? Yes as well but either way, the pride of Australia is one of the brightest young stars in WWE and will be just fine in whatever angle she's thrust into even if she has to don an Ironman uniform to get it done.