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Rhea Ripley wants to take the Edge off of Bianca Belair at WWE’s Money in the Bank

WWE, Rhea Ripley, Bianca Belair, Money in the Bank, RAW

Bianca Belair’s WWE Raw Women’s Championship run has been filled with big bout after big bout.

She’s taken care of Becky Lynch, beaten Asuka, and, at Hell in a Cell, defeated Becky Lynch and Asuka to keep her title run alive and well. But at Money in the Bank, Belair has a match on the books that may not be her hardest or most technically challenging but could be her most daunting: A date with Rhea Ripley.

A former NXT champion who made waves on RAW last week alongside her Judgement Day partners for kicking Edge to the cub, Ripley has fully embraced the freedom associated with her new role and has done whatever she wants ever since, including hijacking Belair’s segment on Raw to psych her future foe out heading into their showdown at Money in the Bank.

Goodness, that’s unsettling, to say the least.

Now granted, according to Cagematch, this isn’t the first time Ripley and Belair will perform together. They’ve shared the ring 21 times in NXT and have 49 total bouts together to their credit in The Fed overall, but even their most recent bout, a Dark match on May 20th at SmackDown, isn’t a fair measuring stick for what is to come, as “The Eradicator” is a much different performer than she was even one month ago.

Will Ripley be able to best Belair at Money in the Bank? Or will Edge and some friends, maybe Liv Morgan, sabotage her biggest bout with Judgement Day to this day in a feud-fueling fight with his former faction? Maybe next week’s RAW will provide more clarity.