Sami Zayn is one of the biggest names in WWE today, mainly due to his involvement in The Bloodline storyline. Zayn has been a huge fan favorite and an excellent heel during his run in WWE, but nothing comes close to his work with The Bloodline.

The Bloodline storyline is arguably the best story WWE has ever told. From SummerSlam 2020 to now, WWE has found a way to keep the story relevant and keep fans engaged. The Bloodline segment from this past SmackDown gained 40+ million views across WWE's platforms and is the most socially watched segment of the year. Let's think about that for a minute. Three years later and this storyline is still drawing historic numbers.

It says a lot about the effort put into this story and the people involved in it. Although Roman Reigns is the Tribal Chief and the center of this storyline, everybody else has carried their weight. Paul Heyman has been near-perfect from day one. Jimmy and Jey Uso have each had their shining moments and are the unsung MVPs of The Bloodline. Solo Sikoa is the silent killer who is being groomed to be a massive star in WWE. And we can't forget about the Honorary Uce, Sami Zayn.

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Sami Zayn sparked a new life into The Bloodline that nobody was expecting. After WrestleMania 38, Zayn started getting involved with The Bloodline, but nobody thought his involvement would last nearly a year. For ten months, many would argue that Sami Zayn was the MVP of The Bloodline. He was, without a doubt, the most entertaining member of the group and was guaranteed to make somebody break character each week. Although they are a heel group, the fans loved Sami Zayn. It was an odd pairing from the jump, but they made it work for almost a year.

While on the After The Bell podcast, Sami Zayn talks about stumbling on this story and compares it to his story with Kevin Owens.

“I do think we stumbled on something kind of magical, kind of lightning in a bottle,” Zayn said. “And the fact that we were able to draw it out for over a year and that it’s still kind of going on. I think its next evolution … the only thing I can almost liken it to is my story with Kevin, which is a 20-year story, in fact.”

Sami Zayn would say that, if done correctly, this story could go on for another three to four years.

“Like Kevin and Sami, the key to it would be going apart and coming back together,” Zayn said. “To where it could actually be, if you do it successfully, could be woven in in a way for another three to four years. But you do it in a way that’s very careful and very conscientious, whereby you’re not burning fans out on it.”

During the post-conference after WrestleMania 39, Roman Reigns said this story is only in the “third inning.” Maybe Sami Zayn knows something we don't, but this storyline may last another three to four years. There's no reason to believe The Bloodline story can't continue for another few years if done correctly. We're three years into this story, and fan interest is at an all-time high. There would have to be some changes and plenty of shocking moments along the way, but it's very possible.

What are your thoughts on The Bloodline storyline? Do you see it lasting another few years or see it ending soon? The Bloodline is about to implode very soon, so it'll be interesting to see the direction WWE goes down when this happens. The Bloodline storyline has been excellent up to this point, and I trust WWE with whatever they decide to do moving forward.

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