Seth Rollins became the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion at Night of Champions in Saudi Arabia. The moment was a long time coming, to say the least. It was a long time coming that not only Seth Rollins became a world champion, but WWE also introduced a new world championship.

At WrestleMania 38, Roman Reigns defeated Brock Lesnar to unify the WWE and Universal Championship. At the time, fans didn't know if Reigns would defend both titles separately or simultaneously. We quickly found out that the titles would not be defended separately, and Reigns was taking on more of a part-time schedule. Not only did Reigns unify both championships, but he's held them hostage for well over a year.

The main roster has suffered due to Roman Reigns holding both world championships. With both belts on Reigns' shoulders, this took away opportunities for many superstars. Not as many superstars could challenge and compete for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. At times, it felt like the world championship scene was completely dead. Because of this, WWE was forced to introduce a new world championship. If WWE wasn't going to have Reigns drop the belts anytime soon, they had to do something to repair their world championship scene.

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Fast forward to today, and Seth Rollins has been World Heavyweight Champion for almost two months. Rollins has defended his title more in the last two months than Reigns has over the past year. The story surrounding Roman Reigns and The Bloodline has been top-tier television, but the fact is he hasn't been a fighting champion. WWE introducing the World Heavyweight Championship has allowed there to be a fighting champion and has given superstars opportunities that they didn't have before to win a world championship.

While speaking to Ryan Satin, Seth Rollins goes in on Roman Reigns for forcing WWE to create a secondary championship.

“If Roman was doing what I’m doing there wouldn’t really be a need for a secondary championship, there wouldn’t be a need for another World Heavyweight Championship on RAW, because we would have somebody who was doing those things and like you said it would give direction to the characters of the show, it would give directions to the show itself, but because of the route he has chosen and what he wants to do with his schedule and his title reign is not what I’m doing, somebody’s gotta fill that void,” Rollins said.

Rollins then says WWE tried making the US Championship feel like a world title, but it never worked. He emphasized how they wouldn't have had these problems if Reigns was defending his title as he should.

“We did our best with the US Championship for a while to do that but it never really felt like a World Heavyweight Championship, so there’s gotta be that person, that spot for everyone to get to and try and fight for, and I’m very happy to be that carrot that’s dangling there, and I think it’s a good thing, and again if Roman was doing all this stuff and defending the title all over the place then we wouldn’t have all these problems,” Rollins said.

What are your thoughts on Seth Rollins' World Heavyweight Championship reign? Rollins has undoubtedly proved himself as a fighting champion and has defended the title proudly across all shows. It'll be interesting to see how WWE will handle his reign and the World Heavyweight Championship in general. After nearly two months, I'm thrilled WWE finally introduced a new world championship.

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