The highly anticipated annual Money in the Bank show is just around the corner. As one of WWE's “Big 4” events, or perhaps “Big 5” if you count Survivor Series, the show will take place in London, England, and will feature the thrilling ladder matches that the event is known for.

So, what do you want to talk about?

Okay, while Cody Rhodes will undoubtedly play a significant role in the show, facing Dominik, this is about the men's Money in the Bank ladder match, which is expected to have significant implications for future storylines throughout the rest of the year.

The following seven WWE superstars will be participating in this year's men's match: Damian Priest, Butch, Santos Escobar, LA Knight, Shinsuke Nakamura, Ricochet, and Logan Paul.

Looking at this list, it appears that WWE could be heading in one of two directions.

LA Knight

LA Knight has been on a remarkable streak lately, surprising many backstage with his immense popularity among the audience. Despite being left off WrestleMania and suffering consistent losses on SmackDown, Knight has managed to overcome these obstacles.

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As of now, Knight is the frontrunner to win the men's Money in the Bank ladder match, with BetOnline listing him at -250.

Knight is an intriguing figure. At 40 years old, he may not be seen as the future of the company, but to most WWE fans, he is relatively new. Many are not familiar with his work in Impact Wrestling and elsewhere, so his presence on WWE programming gives him a sense of freshness. Knight has been gaining momentum week after week, engaging fans with his mic skills and in-ring work. In doing so, it's becoming harder to maintain his heel status. The push seems to be there, as evidenced by Knight's convincing victory over Rey Mysterio on SmackDown last week. The question now is, will WWE capitalize on Knight's momentum and make him the next Money in the Bank winner?

There are some concerns with Knight winning the briefcase.

First and foremost, the current situation with both of the main titles must be considered. It's unlikely that anyone will dethrone Roman Reigns as the Undisputed Champion anytime soon. That storyline will likely carry on until WrestleMania 40. It's also doubtful that WWE would want to end Reigns' remarkable streak by having Knight beat him with a quick cash in. WWE has invested too much in Reigns for such an outcome.

Then there's Seth Rollins and his new World Heavyweight Championship. There are rumors that Rollins might lose the title at Money in the Bank due to interference from Carmelo Hayes. While this may contradict WWE's initial intentions for the new title and longer reigns for their champions, it could set the stage for an intriguing scenario with Finn Balor winning the championship. Would Knight then cash in on Balor? Alternatively, if Rollins retains, could Knight cash in on Rollins?

That's the beauty of the Money in the Bank concept—the element of surprise and unpredictability.

The concern with Knight winning is that it could result in another failed cash-in attempt. While not every winner needs to be successful, some rely on the Money in the Bank contract to propel them to the next level, as it did for Edge throughout his career. Knight arguably deserves the win, and the fans would erupt with excitement if he were to retrieve the briefcase. However, it seems unlikely that this outcome will materialize, and WWE may choose to go in a different direction.

Logan Paul

Logan Paul has exceeded all expectations thus far in WWE. The YouTube star has changed the perception of celebrity wrestlers, setting the bar high for all the others that come after him.

Paul is currently right behind Knight as the second favorite to win the men's Money in the Bank ladder match, with odds at +115.

After his loss to Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 39, Paul seemed to fade into the background once he went on hiatus. However, he made a surprise appearance on Raw a couple of weeks ago, climbing atop a ladder to announce his inclusion in the men's Money in the Bank ladder match. Paul didn't have to win a qualifying match—he simply showed up and declared his participation. This instantly made him the biggest heel in entering the match.

Paul has been exceptional in his WWE run so far, showcasing his athleticism and passion for wrestling every time he steps into the ring. Fans haven't let that go unnoticed either, which is not always the case when celebrities invade the wrestling world. Typically, wrestling fans believe that such appearances detract from the talent of full-time wrestlers, much like the talent does themselves.

The intrigue of Paul winning the match lies in the fact that it further deviates from the original purpose of the World Title, which is meant to be held by a full-time wrestler. Even given Paul's part-time status and other commitments outside WWE, having him win the briefcase suggests that he would likely win the championship. Although this is not always the case, Paul seems to be an exception.

Paul's involvement brings more attention to the company, as he is a social media star who attracts an audience beyond the traditional WWE fanbase. Couple that with his proven skills in the ring, Paul becomes a legitimate and alluring attraction.

If Paul were to win, it would likely set the stage for another encounter with Rollins. After their showdown at WrestleMania, fans would welcome another match between the two. Moreover, this would create a compelling storyline for an epic SummerSlam matchup. As WWE's second-largest event of the year, having Paul compete for or even defending the World Heavyweight Championship would be a significant draw.

Of course, assuming Paul wins, he could hold onto the briefcase for an extended period before suddenly cashing in and taking the WWE Universe by surprise.

Money in the Bank always brings an air of uncertainty and excitement, and this year is no exception. Whether it's LA Knight or Logan Paul, the outcome of the men's Money in the Bank ladder match is sure to shape the future layout of WWE storytelling significantly.