Bron Breakker has pretty much accomplished everything a performer can on the NXT Brand.

He's held the NXT Championship – twice, actually – wrestled huge matches against multiple main roster stars like Dolph Ziggler and Seth Rollins, and has even successfully shown that he can work heel or babyface, as he's had incredible programs as both a good guy and a bad guy.

And yet, if you ask Booker T, the two-time WWE Hall of Famer and NXT commentator, there's still plenty for Breakker to leaRn in developmental before he jumps up to the “big show,” with another year of seasoning all he really needs to become one of WWE's next big things.

“I love the progress of Bron Breakker, and I love Bron Breakker not moving to the main roster too soon,” Booker T said on his Hall of Fame podcast via Fightful. “This kid got so, so much potential, and you don’t want to just ruin it by saying, ‘Oh, he’s ready, let’s put him on the main roster, throw him in the deep end, let’s see if he can swim.’ No, I don’t think so. I say you build that kid, you build him and build him. I’ve actually watched the maturity of Bron Breakker over this last year, how this kid has grown. The growth has been exponential as far as when I see Bron Breakker, when Bron Breakker comes out, for some reason, it has a real feel to it. When he’s in the ring, bringing the noise now, it feels real. When he delivers, it feels real. I love the growth of Bron Breakker. As far as him going to the main roster and when do I perceive him actually making it to the main roster, I think it’s gonna be within the next year. I would hope we keep him for at least one more year. I would hope to keep Bron Breakker in NXT for just one more year.”

When Booker's podcasting partner, Brad Gilmore, noted that he thinks Breakker has room to grow into his act, Booker agreed, noting that even if he thinks the Baby Steiner can handle the main roster right now, why rush him?

“I don’t either, not at all,” Booker T said. “There’s gonna be plenty of time for him to go to the main roster, but just to let him grow a little bit more, prepare just a little bit more for when he does make it to the main roster. So I think he can handle the main roster right now? Yes, I do. I really do. But for me, I would definitely season him just a little bit more.”

What would another year of Breakker look like in NXT? Would he have to switch back to being a babyface? Would he have to defeat Ilja Dragunov at, say, Stand And Deliver on WrestleMania weekend and have another run with the NXT Championship? Or is there enough meat left on the bone to bypass that route and keep feuding with the Baron Corbins and Von Wagners of the world? Fans will have to see how things shake out.

Shawn Michaels reflects on NXT's success on the USA Network.

With NXT approaching its final Premium Live Event of the calendar year, Shawn Michaels discussed all things Tuesday night wrestling on the official NXT Deadline Media Call.

From discussing Wes Lee's injury to his appreciation for Ilja Dragunov, Mr. Michaels pretty much talked about any and everything an NXT fan would like to know about the brand, including one question about his relationship with the USA Network, which will continue to host the show until mid-2024. While HBK is happy to see NXT go to The CW, he's happy with how his run on USA has gone, too, as the brand has been a “great partner.

“That move is still a bit of ways off in 2024, but we’re still extremely excited about it,” Shawn Michaels said on the NXT Deadline Media Call via Fightful. “But again, the partnership that we’ve had with USA has just been phenomenal. They have been absolutely fantastic and so supportive throughout the years. Certainly, I guess from my personal standpoint, I did a lot of stuff that got in trouble with the USA Network and they were always fantastic for us. I can’t thank them enough for the partnership that even NXT has had over the past several years and look, we want to finish out strong in that partnership. I’d be lying if I said that we weren’t excited about the future with CW. More of those things will come as we get closer though, I have no doubt. I certainly plan on getting as many big and special opportunities as we can and blowing it out with the CW network. We’ve got a ways before we get there, so we got to finish strong for USA and make a big blast when we hit CW.”

How much does the network a wrestling brand lands on really matter? Do they influence the champions? Pick which makes, and wrestlers go on when? While fans may never know, it's clear HBK is happy with how things are going and excited about the future, too.