All of New York clenched their collective butts last night when Aaron Judge made an amazing defensive play for the Yankees against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Judge flew from right field to make this amazing catch. However, after grabbing the ball, the reigning MVP collided with the bullpen door, which then promptly collapsed. Everyone was worried about the star, especially since Judge already suffered an injury early this season.

Thankfully, it seems like Aaron Judge avoided any major injury, per his statement after their win to ESPN. If anything, the biggest loser in the collision was the door that the Yankees star slammed into.

“I'm feeling good,” Yankees star Aaron Judge said. “The fence got most of it. Thankfully, it was that part of the wall where it had some give, so I think that saved me quite a bit. If it was a solid wall, it might be a different story, but [I] made the play.”

Most people know Judge as the Home Run King of the MLB. And while the Yankees star's legacy will be his powerful bat, it would be a disservice to him to ignore his fielding prowess. He's got the range and instincts to make some absurd catches, and his cannon arm scares base runners from even trying to tag up on him. He's almost the perfect outfielder for the modern MLB.

Judge is once again making his case to be the MVP of the American League. Once again, however, the Yankees star has some stiff competition. Shohei Ohtani continues to be a force of nature, this time doing most of his damage on the mound. This AL MVP race might come down to the wire once again.