New York Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge and St. Louis Cardinals first baseman Goldschmidt made each other better during the many times they crossed paths in the past, according to a Tuesday article from the Athletic.

“I felt like I was reaching out to him, trying to get together and just hit,” Goldschmidt said, “spend a day together.”

Goldschmidt kept things simple when asked what he wanted to learn.

“Everything?” he said. “There’s always, like, little things. And sometimes it just can also just help you to know that other guys are thinking or seeing similar things. So I didn’t have anything in mind.

“I just wanted to go watch him hit and just talk to him. You don’t always get that opportunity.”

Goldschmidt took up a spot with Team USA in the World Baseball Classic. He most recently earned one run and one hit in two at-bats during a 12-1 win over Team Canada on Monday after he earned one hit and one run against Team Mexico the day before. Aaron Judge opted out of the classic in February.

Both players won the MVP awards of their respective leagues in 2022. Judge won the American League MVP Award after taking home 28 of the 30 first-place votes. Goldschmidt earned the honors for the National League after winning 22 of the 30 first-place votes.

“I definitely tied a record somewhere for playing with the most MVPs in a single season,” Yankees center fielder Harrison Bader wrote in a November tweet. “Judgey and Goldy CONGRATS – teammates like you make me grateful and humble beyond words.”

Now-San Diego Padres infielder Matt Carpenter had some words of his own for the two MVP winners.

“Congrats to (Aaron Judge) and Paul Goldschmidt on the well deserved MVPs,” wrote Carpenter. “Great players, better teammates.

“They remind me so much of each other. Humble superstars. Relentless pursuits of excellence, love/respect for others, selfless leaders. The guys you’ll tell your grandkids about.”