There have been some discussions about possibly shutting down Aaron Judge for the remainder of the 2023 season. After all, the New York Yankees' playoff odds are slim and Judge battled injury for a significant portion of the 2023 campaign. Judge isn't considering not playing though. The Yankees star gave two reasons why he will finish out the '23 season on the field.

“We’re not out of it. I think that’s No. 1,” Judge said, per Bryan Hoch of “No. 2, you’ve got to play. You’ve got to be out there. It’s about showing up every single day. You’re not going to feel 100 percent every single day. Guys are going to have bumps or bruises — or toe stuff, I guess. If you’re at 60 percent, you’ve got to give 100 percent of your 60 percent.”

Yankees: Aaron Judge not planning to sit out

Aaron Judge was named Captain of the Yankees for a reason. Yes, it stems from his ability as a baseball player. He's extremely talented without question. That said, there's more to being a leader than simply being good at something.

Judge wants to set an example. He knows that if he plays everyday and gives everything he has, others will follow. If he were to sit out, though, other players may not give everything they have.

The Yankees are technically still in the AL Wild Card race as well. Their odds of reaching the postseason are slim, but there is still a chance. New York currently sits seven games back of the final AL Wild Card spot.

At the very least, Aaron Judge plans to go down swinging.