Aaron Judge recently joined Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show” for a skit. Fallon and Judge were surprising fans at an MLB Store in New York City. However, Fallon also made his pitch to recruit Judge back to the Yankees.

“We're about to surprise some baseball fans who think they are getting their photo taken while pretending to pose in a batter's box at Yankee Stadium, because that's where I see you all the time in the batter's box,” Fallon said to Judge.

Aaron Judge did his best to change the subject in hilarious fashion, but Fallon continued his effort to recruit him.

“I am ready, yeah, for you to be in Yankee Stadium all the time… that's the only place to see,” Fallon, who was sporting a full Yankees jersey and standing on a box to match his height, told Judge.

Aaron Judge, a highly-coveted MLB free agent, replied by stating, “Let's play ball.”

Judge did not divulge any information in reference to his free agency. But Jimmy Fallon's pitch will give him something else to consider. The fans who recognized him during the skit showed their admiration for him as well.

The Yankees reached the ALCS in 2022 with Aaron Judge leading the charge. The superstar outfielder set a new American League record with 62 home runs while falling just short of a Triple Crown victory. Nevertheless, Judge was recently named AL MVP.

It will be interesting to see if Judge and the Yankees can get a deal done in free agency. Jimmy Fallon certainly hopes they can.