The former One Direction member has pretty much stayed out of the spotlight in recent years. Although he's released his own solo music, Zayn Malik, hasn't been in the public eye much recently. Over the weekend, he shocked fans when he tweeted his thanks to them. He said that he “owes his life to them.”

“I would like to say thank you to everyone that has supported me throughout this amazing journey, especially to my fans who I owe my life to,” Malik wrote on Twitter on May 27. “Love and adore you and see everything you do for me.”

The rare moment of heartfelt connection was met with the same in return. Many fans expressed their love and admiration for the singer. Others worried that he was saying goodbye to music forever, before he released his rumored fourth album. He last released music in 2021, two years ago now. There has been anticipation about his highly anticipated fourth studio album but no solid details have been shared.

Other than his album, Zayn Malik stayed away from the spotlight. Then, one random August day, he teased fans by posting the 2014 music video to One Direction's Night Changes. The tweet blew up among fans, especially because Malik famously left the band in 2015. Some thought it was the rumblings of a One Direction reunion, but so far, that hasn't been the case.

There hasn't been much from the former One Direction member. Other than a random tweet in early May, Malik has been relatively inactive. So this thanks to his fans was a surprising, but sweet gesture for them.