Zendaya and Tom Holland continue to capture the hearts of fans worldwide with their adorable moments and sweet shoutouts during interviews. The Spider-Man co-stars have been making headlines lately for their affectionate gestures towards each other, per TheFredShow.

During a recent interview with IGV Presents to promote Dune: Part Two alongside co-star Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya was asked what she would bring from the UK to the United States. Without hesitation, Zendaya playfully mentioned her British boyfriend, Tom Holland, whom she's been linked to romantically since 2016. “Yeah, my boyfriend. I would just take him with me,” Zendaya expressed, eliciting laughter from Chalamet and approval from him with a smile.

This wasn’t the first time Zendaya publicly acknowledged Holland during promotional interviews for Dune: Part Two. In a prior interview with Buzzfeed, she was asked to identify the cast member with the most “rizz,” a term denoting charisma. Surprisingly, Zendaya chose Holland, despite him not being part of the film's cast. She praised his ability to engage in meaningful conversations and highlighted his genuine personality on and off camera.

Although Zendaya and Holland's relationship was word of mouth since 2016, it wasn't officially confirmed until 2021. However, their recent interviews and affectionate gestures have only fueled the excitement among fans about their romance.

Zendaya and Holland's chemistry both on and off screen has endeared them to audiences, making them one of the internet's favorite couples. As they continue to support each other's projects and share heartwarming moments, fans eagerly anticipate more glimpses into their relationship.