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Zenless Zone Zero enters beta testing phase arrives in August 2022

Zenless Zone Zero Beta Testing Phase August 2022, HoYoverse

Zenless Zone Zero, the next upcoming game from HoYoverse, will be entering its beta testing phase this August 2022.

Zenless Zone Zero Beta Testing Date: August 4, 2022

Zenless Zone Zero, the next action game coming from Genshin Impact creators HoYoverse, is entering its beta testing phase for PC and iOS on August 4, 2022, at 7 PM PT / 10 PM ET.

Zenless Zone Zero is set in a fictional anime world with a futuristic urban setting. The premier trailer has set the stage with a very intriguing world filled with unique characters and a dark mystery to uncover within the city known as Eridu. Very few details have been explained to make sense of it all; thus, many newcomers and Hoyoverse fans have been running wild with discussions and speculation.

Players in the game world are known as Proxies who work as mercenaries, accepting various contracts and missions within the city of New Eridu. Most missions will have players traversing environments known as The Hallows, which are described to be dangerous and ever-changing labyrinths, which confirms the roguelike element of randomized dungeons. These proxies are also a part of a “dual identity” aspect within ZZZ, where players will use two distinct and opposing character personas while progressing through the game.

To become one of these Proxies during the Beta Testing Phase, players only need to sign up and answer the entry survey provided by HoYoverse. HoYoverse has not given any guidelines on what it takes to be given beta testing access to ZZZ, so answering the entry survey won’t guarantee early access to the game. Players can register for the beta testing until July 27, 2022.

As for the game’s actual release date, we don’t have a guaranteed date yet nor a final list of platforms the game will be available. Right now, the game is only being offered on PC and iOS for the Beta Testing Phase.