HoyoVerse recently uploaded a gameplay trailer for their upcoming game Zenless Zone Zero, which shows off the game's combat, arcade games, and more.

While in Gamescom 2023, HoyoVerse released a gameplay showcase trailer for their upcoming game, Zenless Zone Zero. Although the game has no release date yet, players are already looking forward to Hoyoverse's next game. The gameplay trailer gives us a look at some of the things that we can expect from Zenless Zone Zero. As such, let's go through everything that was featured. It's important to note, however, that this is from a test version of the game, and will likely change upon release.

For starters, the opening parts of the trailer showed off the game's world. They showed a food store, a music store, a video store, as well as an arcade. These aren't just decorative. Players can actually go to these locations, as we will learn later in the trailer. We also see the game's various NPCs, locations, and more importantly, vehicles.

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Our first look at the game's UI gives us some important information. First off, the upper left corner displays the current day and time. This means that players will likely have to manage their time for one reason or another. Later in the video we actually see an option to check our schedule when it comes to missions. This likely means that players can only do a certain amount of things per day. There are also buttons to open a map (from the looks of it anyway), use the camera function, sprint, and more.

Accessing the car allows the player to switch locations. It appears that players can go from one street to another and that each street has unique locations. We were able to see at least two streets: Sixth Street and Brant Street. Sixth Street had four locations: Random Play, 141, Waterfall Soup, Bardic Needle, and Coff Cafe. Players would then be transported to their selected location.

The trailer also demonstrated the game's food system. The player approached the food store, most likely Waterfall Soup, and ordered some noodles. After a cutscene, the player received buffs for the food they ate. In this case. they ordered Seafood Noodles, which gave the player HP +15%, and Ice DMG +15%. This part tells us two things. First, the confirmation message for buying the food informs us that once we receive the buff, we cannot change it until we enter a commission. Second, we know that the buffs last for a certain number of commissions.

The player then heads over to Bardic Needle, the music store. There, the player can take part in either Drive Tuning or Dismantling. This is likely one of the game's various Gacha mechanics. Players can use some of the in-game currency to draw Drive Discs. Characters can equip these drives to increase their stats. Some players have compared these to the artifacts of Genshin Impact. There seems to be a pity system in place as well. This screen also hints that players can upgrade the store levels, which unlocks Tuning, as well as a better pool of Drive Discs, from the looks of it. Dismantling likely allows the player to dismantle unneeded Drive Discs.

The player then heads over to God Finger, an arcade store. Here, players can choose to either play in Arcade Mode or in Event Mode. They showed two of the minigames that players can play. The first is Soul Hounds III, in which players must dig downward and try not to get crushed by falling blocks. The second is Snake Duel, which seems to be a mix of the mobile Snake game from older phones, and the more recent game slither.io. Although not shown in the trailer, the Event Mode is likely a ranked mode with leaderboards.

The trailer then shows off Knock Knock, a messaging app in the game, Here, players can receive messages from various people. The player will be able to select their replies to the messages. These messages will also sometimes give the player commissions, which they can accept and add to their schedule.


The player then heads into the Random Play video store, where they seem to be able to access the Hollow Deep Dive System. There, the player can be seen logging into the system and connecting to something. It then transitions into a cutscene, which introduces an enemy.

We now can see the Zenless Zone Zero's combat in action. For starters, let's talk about the UI. The upper left corner shows the player's three characters, as well as their respective HP and energy bars. The upper right corner shows the enemy's HP bar and what appears to be a stagger meter. The lower right corner shows the various controls and actions the character can do. From left to right, these seem to be the Basic Attack, Dodge, Skill, and Ultimate. The small icon is the switch icon, which makes the active character switch to the next one. Unlike in Genshin where you can decide which character comes out, this appears to be a cycle.

The combat demonstration itself teaches us some of the combat mechanics. For example, the game has a Quick Time Event (QTE) attack. When the QTE pops up on the screen, players have to click two buttons to activate the attack. Each character has a specific QTE attack, which players can combo to do more damage. The game also appears to have a parry system, which allows the players to deflect the enemy's attack, canceling its damage. There also appears to be a perfect dodge mechanic, which allows players to do powerful attacks. After two rounds of combat demonstration, the showcase ends.

That's all of the gameplay mechanics combat, and other features that were featured in the recent Zenless Zone Zero showcase trailer. Players can find more details about the game on the official website. Check out our gaming news articles for the latest in gaming news.