Next up in our NFL positional rankings are the running backs, who have seen their value decrease but production seemingly increase over the past few seasons. While there are plenty of household names in our 2024 NFL RB Power Rankings, the order might surprise you.

While the likes of Christian McCaffrey, Jonathon Taylor, and others will see their names on this list, there are plenty of different ways to go when ranking the others. Are there any names missing from this list? How would you rank the running back position heading into the 2024 NFL season?

20. De’Von Achane – Miami Dolphins

2023 Stats – 800 rushing yards, 27 receptions, 197 receiving yards, 11 TDs

Helping kick off our NFL RB Power Rankings is De’Von Achane, who is fresh off a season where he averaged almost eight yards per carry. While Raheem Mostert and rookie Jaylen Wright will have their own roles, Achane’s talent is too good to be held back by either.

Achane’s game relies on his blistering speed, as he is one of the fastest running backs on our NFL RB Power Rankings. That speed fits perfectly into Mike McDaniel’s offense, and it shouldn’t be out of the question for Achane to put up 1,500 total yards in 2024.

2024 Projections – 872 rushing yards, 41 receptions, 321 receiving yards, 10 TDs

19. James Cook – Buffalo Bills

James Cook
© Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

2023 Stats – 1,122 rushing yards, 44 receptions, 445 receiving yards, 6 TDs

James Cook enjoyed a solid first shot as Buffalo’s RB1 in 2023, his second season in the NFL. While some fumbling and key drops hurt the Bills in big moments, Cook showed that he is capable of being a modern-day backfield leader.

Outside of fourth-rounder Ray Davis, Cook has a clear path to being the team’s backfield leader again. With no Stefon Diggs or Gabe Davis, look for Cook to be worked into the passing game more, raising his ceiling even further.

2024 Projections – 1,023 rushing yards, 56 receptions, 413 receiving yards, 8 TDs

18. Aaron Jones – Minnesota Vikings

2023 Stats – 656 rushing yards, 30 receptions, 233 receiving yards, 3 TDs

A surprising move by the Green Bay Packers saw Aaron Jones get pushed to the curb for Josh Jacobs. And as often has been the case, former Packers players enjoy staying within the division, so Jones hopped north to join the Minnesota Vikings.

Jones has a clear shot to be the rushing leader for Minnesota, so look for the back to put up a solid season in the purple and gold. His health has been a bit of a question at times and that could pop up again, but his ceiling easily makes him a top-20 RB in the league.

2024 Projections – 761 rushing yards, 49 receptions, 317 receiving yards, 7 TDs

17. David Montgomery – Detroit Lions

2023 Stats – 1,015 rushing yards, 16 receptions, 117 receiving yards, 13 TDs

While still playing second fiddle in Detroit, David Montgomery seems to be enjoying his role with the Lions. With Jahmyr Gibbs earning the headlines, Montgomery has taken a liking to his heavy goal-line usage.

Montgomery likely will see a bit of a decrease in his workload this year as Gibbs takes over the backfield, but his talent is undeniable, dating back to his days with the Chicago Bears.

2024 Projections – 826 rushing yards, 24 receptions, 202 receiving yards, 11 TDs

16. Rhamondre Stevenson – New England Patriots

2023 Stats – 619 rushing yards, 38 receptions, 238 receiving yards, 4 TDs

One of the few bright spots on the New England Patriots has been Rhamondre Stevenson when he is healthy. No longer does Stevenson need to share the backfield with Ezekiel Elliott either, giving him a good chance to improve upon last season.

Stevenson also should benefit from rookie QB Drake Maye inevitably taking over as the starter. Checkdowns and a higher percentage of running plays will give Stevenson more opportunities this season, and he should be able to excel in that role.

2024 Projections – 798 rushing yards, 47 receptions, 331 receiving yards, 6 TDs

15. Rachaad White – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Rachaad White
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2023 Stats – 990 rushing yards, 64 receptions, 549 receiving yards, 9 TDs

While he will never be mistaken for a power RB, Rachaad White has shifted into a nice role, leading the Tampa Bay backfield. With his receiving abilities on full display in most games, White is a perfect option for a team that already relies on the passing game for most of their offensive firepower.

White has enjoyed some real success with the Buccaneers, producing over 1,500 total yards on 336 total touches (4.5 yards/touch). Even with rookie Bucky Irving being brought in this offseason, White shouldn’t see too much competition for his RB1 role.

2024 Projections – 879 rushing yards, 49 receptions, 426 receiving yards, 10 TDs

14. Isiah Pacheco – Kansas City Chiefs

2023 Stats – 935 rushing yards, 44 receptions, 244 receiving yards, 9 TDs

Checking in at 14th overall on our NFL RB Power Rankings is Isiah Pacheco, who comfortably is the lead back in Kansas City. Bringing a blend of rushing and passing game work to the Chiefs has helped Pacheco become very efficient, and his role moving forward should include more of the same.

With all of the offseason turbulence the Chiefs have faced, their passing game weapons have taken a hit. All of that is to say that Pacheco could have an elevated role moving forward, which would likely lend itself to a 1K rushing season.

2024 Projections – 1,062 rushing yards, 50 receptions, 289 receiving yards, 11 TDs

13. Kenneth Walker III – Seattle Seahawks

Kenneth Walker III
© Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

2023 Stats – 905 rushing yards, 29 receptions, 259 receiving yards, 9 TDs

It feels like Kenneth Walker is one of the least talked-about young running backs in the league, but he keeps delivering as the starter in Seattle. With a sustained passing attack and some security at QB, Walker feels like he is the forgotten piece of that offense, as he comes in at 13th in our NFL RB Power Rankings.

Heading into his third professional season, Walker will again look to be a key cog in the Seahawks offense. With no in-house competition, the former Spartan has as much of a workload ahead of him for the 2024 season as he could ask for.

2024 Projections – 978 rushing yards, 32 receptions, 257 receiving yards, 11 TDs

12. Joe Mixon – Houston Texans

2023 Stats – 1,034 rushing yards, 52 receptions, 376 receiving yards, 12 TDs

Having been shipped off to Houston from Cincinnati this offseason, Joe Mixon now has a crucial role in an upstart Texans offense. Having been handed a three-year contract for his troubles, the former Bengal absolutely should continue to produce 1,400 total yardage seasons.

Even at age 27, Mixon still has a good blend of athleticism and football IQ to make him dangerous. Putting his skill set in the Houston offense might just be the missing piece that the team needed, so look for Mixon to be a very busy RB in 2024.

2024 Projections – 985 rushing yards, 43 receptions, 306 receiving yards, 10 TDs

11. Alvin Kamara – New Orleans Saints

2023 Stats – 694 rushing yards, 75 receptions, 466 receiving yards, 6 TDs

Ol' Reliable Alvin Kamara continues to be the key offensive cog for the Saints, as the former Tennessee Volunteer doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere anytime soon. With question marks all over this roster, it should be reassuring for Saints fans that Kamara continues to do what he does.

Even with both Jamaal Williams and Kendre Miller in tow on the depth chart, Kamara won’t be usurped on the depth chart, as his dual-threat abilities continue to pace this offense.

2024 Projections – 814 rushing yards, 73 receptions, 473 receiving yards, 8 TDs

10. Josh Jacobs – Green Bay Packers

2023 Stats – 805 rushing yards, 37 receptions, 296 receiving yards, 6 TDs

A fresh start in Green Bay is on the menu for Josh Jacobs, as he surprisingly joined them via a four-year deal this offseason. Replacing Aaron Jones will be tough, but Jacobs, who has a 2,000-yard season under his belt, definitely is capable of doing just that.

Running back usage hasn’t always led to big-time results in Titletown, but the Packers made a sizable investment in Jacobs, so expect that to change. Pairing Jacobs with Jordan Love will bring this offense to another level, as he helps kick off the top 10 of our NFL RB Power Rankings.

2024 Projections – 1,026 rushing yards, 33 receptions, 323 receiving yards,11 TD

9. Travis Etienne – Jacksonville Jaguars

2023 Stats – 1,008 rushing yards, 58 receptions, 476 receiving yards, 12 TDs

Having finished as the overall RB2 in fantasy football last season, Travis Etienne was incredibly efficient with his 267 carries and 58 receptions. Falling just short of 1,500 total yards, Etienne absolutely should be able to hit that mark this upcoming season.

It’s his passing game work that truly unlocks what he is capable of, and having received 73 targets last season speaks to how big of a role he can have.

2024 Projections – 913 rushing yards, 51 receptions, 403 receiving yards, 9 TDs

8. Kyren Williams – Los Angeles Rams

Kyren Williams

2023 Stats – 1,144 rushing yards, 32 receptions, 206 receiving yards, 15 TDs

While a recent foot injury popped up for Kyren Williams, the Los Angeles Rams starting running back should be healthy for another shot at a massive workload. With Sean McVay’s reliance on one main running back most times, Williams was a big-time beneficiary of that last season.

Over 1,300 total yards isn’t super impressive, but his 15 touchdowns speaks to his efficiency, something he can replicate this season.

2024 Projections – 1,064 rushing yards, 31 receptions, 229 receiving yards,11 TDs

7. Saquon Barkley – Philadelphia Eagles

2023 Stats – 962 rushing yards, 41 receptions, 480 receiving yards, 10 TDs

Shockingly departing the Giants for the divisional rival Eagles, Saquon Barkley is likely a hated man in certain parts of the Northeast. Hoping to put his checkered injury history behind him, Barkley joins a superb offense that may not need him as much as the Giants did.

Barkley will need to find his goal-line role in the midst of the “Tush Push’ agenda, but his receiving work helps keep his ceiling high. There shouldn’t be any concerns about his role moving forward, especially with the kind of money Philly threw his way.

2024 Projections – 1,047 rushing yards, 41 receptions, 358 receiving yards, 13 TDs

6. Jahmyr Gibbs – Detroit Lions

Jahmyr Gibbs

2023 Stats – 945 rushing yards, 52 receptions, 316 receiving yards, 11 TDs

The upstart Alabama rookie impressed in his first NFL season, putting any criticism of his early draft selection to bed. Jahmyr Gibbs looks to be the spark plug that Detroit needed in their offense, and he is in a great spot to continue to grow his workload.

Starting out with over 1,200 total yards and 11 touchdowns is incredibly strong for Gibbs, and this stat line came after not even having a huge hand in many of the early-season contests for the Lions. All that is to say that, watch out NFL fans – this might be the year for Gibbs.

2024 Projections – 879 rushing yards, 62 receptions, 407 receiving yards, 11 TDs

5. Derrick Henry – Baltimore Ravens

2023 Stats – 1,167 rushing yards, 28 receptions, 214 receiving yards, 12 TDs

After spending the first eight seasons of his career with the Titans, Derrick Henry traded in his light blue for deep purple as he joined the Ravens. Adding King Henry to a Lamar Jackson offense sounds pretty unfair on paper, and it likely will be this season.

Henry still looks to have a lot of tread on his tires, even after six straight 200-carry seasons. While it’s possible that some of his rushing workload goes to Jackson instead, Henry has a chance to put up some gaudy numbers in a really fun offensive attack.

2024 Projections – 1,093 rushing yards, 26 receptions, 227 receiving yards, 13 TDs

4. Breece Hall – New York Jets

2023 Stats – 994 rushing yards, 76 receptions, 591 receiving yards, 9 TDs

Even with the season-ending injury to Aaron Rodgers, Breece Hall excelled in his first healthy NFL season. Producing over 1,500 total yards and nine scores, Hall looked every bit the lead back that the Jets need him to be.

His strong ‘23 season paints a very rosy picture for his 2024 stats, as he should be able to eclipse 1,000 rushing yards and 600 receiving yards in what would be his third NFL season.

2024 Projections – 1,023 rushing yards, 73 receptions, 614 receiving yards, 14 TDs

3. Jonathan Taylor – Indianapolis Colts

2023 Stats – 741 rushing yards, 19 receptions, 153 receiving yards, 8 TDs

Hoping to put his 2023 season behind him, Jonathan Taylor ended last season exactly how he would like to start this season. With contract extension issues behind him, Taylor can now focus on football and hope that he shares the field with Anthony Richardson for more than two total snaps.

Taylor should threaten for the rushing yardage lead this year, and he should be able to put up impressive numbers yet again, making sense as to why he is third overall in our 2024 NFL RB Power Rankings.

2024 Projections – 1,259 rushing yards, 38 receptions, 303 receiving yards, 14 TDs

2. Bijan Robinson – Atlanta Falcons

2023 Stats – 976 rushing yards, 58 receptions, 487 receiving yards, 8 TDs

The top running back selected three NFL Drafts ago was Bijan Robinson, and his 2023 season looked to be his Welcome to the NFL moment. But with Arthur Smith no longer limiting the Atlanta offense, the sky’s the limit for Robinson.

Plus, having Kirk Cousins as his QB will open up his receiving game work as well, giving him a shot at 15+ TDs and a 1,800-total-yards season.

2024 Projections – 1,071 rushing yards, 72 receptions, 615 receiving yards, 15 TDs

1. Christian McCaffrey – San Francisco 49ers

2023 Stats – 1,459 rushing yards, 67 receptions, 564 receiving yards, 21 TDs

Holding down the top spot – yet again – in our NFL RB Power Rankings is McCaffrey, who is looking to use his 21-TD season as a springboard into 2024.

As the key piece in the 49ers offense, McCaffrey has looked excellent ever since being traded to San Francisco. With his 2023 season including over 2,000 total yards, look for his usage to decline ever so slightly, in hopes of keeping him healthy. But that isn’t to say he won’t be as efficient.

2024 Projections – 1,206 rushing yards, 74 receptions, 618 receiving yards, 17 TDs