One of the most intriguing prospects in the 2024 NFL Draft is Georgia tight end Brock Bowers. He'll likely be the only tight end taken in the first round, if not in the top 50 picks. Yet, there's still not a clear avenue to where he may end up when it's all said and done on day one.

That certainly has nothing to do with Bowers' talent and skill set. It's more about watching how this year's draft plays out, as there could be a lot of action with multiple teams looking to trade up and down. Plus, acquiring a new tight end isn't necessarily high on a lot of teams' draft lists in the first round. However, Bowers, due to his talent, will make a team draft him in the first round, as he is just that good of a player.

One of the teams that would be perfect for Bowers is the Cincinnati Bengals, selecting him with their No. 18 overall pick. Here are three reasons why:

Brock Bowers would be the long-term answer at tight end

Georgia tight end Brock Bowers (19) competes with Ole Miss safety Trey Washington (25) during the first half of a NCAA college football game against Ole Miss in Athens, Ga., on Saturday, Nov. 11, 2023.

When was the last time the Bengals had a true receiving tight end? Since Joe Burrow arrived back in 2020, the former LSU quarterback hasn't been absent of reliable receiving options, thanks to AJ Green, Tee Higgins, and Ja'Marr Chase. However, tight end production has been sporadic.

Burrow's leading tight ends during his time with the Bengals have been Drew Sample (40 catches, 349 yards, 1 touchdown), CJ Uzomah (49 catches, 493 yards, 5 touchdowns), Hayden Hurst (52 catches, 414 yards, 2 touchdowns), then Sample again last season (22 catches, 163 yards, 2 touchdowns).

The Bengals did make a move in free agency, picking up six-year veteran tight end Mike Gesicki on a one-year deal. But he's not a long-term option like Brock Bowers would be.

Bowers was the leading receiving tight end in the SEC last season, ranking 13th in the conference in reception yards with 714, according to Sports-Reference. He also led the Bulldogs in receiving yards for the past three seasons, while having 10 career 100-yard receiving games, the most for any FBS tight end in over 25 years, per ESPN Stats and Info.

He finished his time in Athens with 175 receptions, 2,538 yards, and 31 touchdowns from scrimmage. Needless to say, Bowers would further add to the Bengals' already impressive receiving options and could well surpass any of the previous tight ends since Burrow's arrival.

The Bengals make up for potential losses of Tee Higgins and/or Ja'Marr Chase

It goes without saying that a large portion of the targets get eaten up by Higgins and Chase, which is understandable. But who knows how long that may last for Cincinnati. Higgins is currently franchise tagged and could be either traded or will be a free agent at the end of next season.

Chase, meanwhile, is entering his fourth NFL season with the Bengals set to pick up his fifth-year option, owing him just over $21.8 million in 2025. Like Higgins, it remains to be seen if he stays with the Bengals and they can afford him.

Burrow's massive contract obviously has a lot to do with what the Bengals can afford, which is why Bowers coming in on a rookie deal would be a perfect option should one or both receivers end up leaving. That way, even in the event they leave over the next two years, the Bengals still provide Burrow with a great target as they transition into finding receivers in the next couple of drafts.

The Bengals have the luxury of picking the best available, but TE is the biggest need

Luckily for the Bengals, they don't have a lot of pressing needs where they need to make any drastic moves in the 2024 NFL Draft. They need a tight end, tackle, and defensive line, among maybe some depth in other areas. But overall, sitting at No. 18 overall, they have flexibility in their first-round pick to choose the best available player on the board. And Bowers would most likely be that best player still available.

Granted, it's not for sure Bowers would be there at 18, as any team could make the argument to select him with their first-round pick. But the Bengals are likely the most needy of any of the teams for the position in the draft. If Bowers is there at No. 18, he should be packing his bags for Cincinnati.