4 things to know about Colts wide receiver Devin Funchess
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4 things to know about Colts wide receiver Devin Funchess

After an up-and-down start to his career with the Carolina Panthers. Devin Funchess signed a one-year prove-it deal with the Indianapolis Colts. Most know that he had a standout career with the Michigan Wolverines. The hope is that he can get back to that kind of production with Andrew Luck and Company. There is a lot more to Funchess than just the guy on the field. Let’s break down four things you need to know about him.

Rough childhood

Funchess grew up in the greater Detroit Michigan area. His family had a lot of troubles early in his life, most dealing with money. His mom had a gambling issue, and that caused his family to be evicted many times while he was growing up.

“I had a lot of rough times, a lot of family issues. Just like everybody else’s story,” said Funchess, who was raised in many ways by his grandfather via 247 Sports. “My pops had been in jail since I was 2, so we had to deal with that. Then we moved out to the suburbs and I was evicted a couple of times. I was on the streets and we had to move in with a couple of people. I was just going through stuff you weren’t supposed to go through as a young kid. But after that stuff, I made it out and became the person I am today.”

He still overcame all of that to be one of the top recruits in the country and get a full ride with the Wolverines.

Loves to cook

One of Funchess’s favorite things to do away from the field is to cook. After a hard practice, he loves to make a nutritious meal for himself. Sometimes family members or teammates will come over to enjoy it too. Funchess said it’s one of the best ways he has found to decompress. He loves to have good conversations during dinner.

“After the hard day, you need a good meal,” says Funchess via the Charlotte Five. “Usually we sit and talk about life, complain about the work week, just like regular people. And other than that, we relax.”

One of his favorite meals to cook is Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo; most who come over to eat with him say it’s his best.

Drops have held him back from being a star wide receiver

Funchess is a solid receiver, but there is one thing that has held him back: drops. Last season Funchess had a drop rate of 13.9 percent, which led the league. Funchess said it’s something he is working hard on; the Colts hope that is the case.

If Funchess can have a big year and not limit his drops, he is going to be in line for a big contract next season either from the Colts or someone else.

Three-sport athlete

Like many NFL players, Funchess played more than football in high school. Funchess was also a standout basketball player who competed in the long jump in track and field.

In 2011 at the Oakland County Championships he had a personal best jump of 18 feet, 1.5 inches, which was good enough for 25th place.

On the football field, he has done a good job of going up for a catch and “boxing out” the defensive back, a skill that he learned on the hardwood.