The Detroit Lions have proposed a rule change that the San Francisco 49ers might be in favor of implementing. The submission proposes that NFL teams should be allowed to use an emergency quarterback if a team's two active quarterbacks are ruled out for the game.

Had the NFL rule proposal been in place this past season, the 49ers might've avoided getting blown out in the 2023 NFC Championship Game. San Francisco effectively lost both of its active quarterbacks in an eventual 31-7 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. Brock Purdy suffered an elbow injury that would require offseason surgery. Backup quarterback Josh Johnson only played a handful of snaps before he left the game for good with a concussion.

Purdy returned to the field when Johnson was sidelined, but the rookie was a quarterback in name only. The injury prevented Purdy from being able to throw the ball for more than a few yards. The 49ers ran the ball on almost every play in the second half.

Purdy finish with just four pass attempts for 23 yards. Running back Christian McCaffrey threw an incompletion. McCaffrey was the 49ers' emergency quarterback.

If the Lions' proposed rule change gets approved, the 49ers can have an inactive quarterback who will be able to play if both signal callers go down during a game.
Purdy and Trey Lance are expected to battle for the 49ers' starting quarterback position next year.
The quarterback rule is one of four rule changes that the Lions are proposing for the 2023 NFL season. Detroit wants teams to be able to challenge personal foul penalties. The Lions have also proposed for teams to earn a third challenge if one of its two challenges is successful.