49ers news: Jimmy Garoppolo addresses viral moment with Erin Andrews
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49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo addresses viral moment with Erin Andrews

Jimmy Garoppolo, Erin Andrews, 49ers

Following the San Francisco 49ers’ win over the Arizona Cardinals in Week 9, there was an awkward encounter between Jimmy Garoppolo and Fox Sports’ Erin Andrews. While speaking to the media on Thursday, Garoppolo addressed the viral moment between him and Andrews.

The viral moment occurred when Andrews approached San Francisco’s franchise quarterback in a typical post-game interview. After asking him how it felt to be 8-0, Garoppolo proceeded to exclaim that it “feels great baby.”

Right after he uttered those words, everyone on social media assumed that Garoppolo was flirting with the longtime sports reporter. Instead, it was just Garoppolo talking in the same manner that he does with his teammates on and off of the field.

There’s no doubt that this story was blown way out of proportion when it occurred. At the least, Garoppolo has explained what had really happened and now everyone can go on with their lives.

All that matters is that San Francisco sits atop the NFC West with an impressive 8-0 record. With the New England Patriots falling to the Baltimore Ravens in Week 9, the 49ers are now the only unbeaten team in the league.

Throughout San Francisco’s winning streak, many have raised the concern that Garoppolo might be the weakest link on the roster. The former backup of Tom Brady answered the call and delivered 317 yards and four touchdowns in a win over the Cardinals in Week 9.

When you throw for four touchdowns in a game that your team proceeds to win, emotions will be running high. That’s exactly what happened between Garoppolo and Andrews following San Francisco’s narrow victory over their NFC West foes.