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49ers CB Richard Sherman warns players to save their money ahead of possible NFL work stoppage

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In spite of having ongoing talks over the past few months, the NFL and NFLPA aren’t close to a deal on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. Due to that, San Francisco 49ers’ Richard Sherman is warning players in the NFL to save their money ahead of a possible work stoppage.

On Wednesday, there were reports that the NFL and NFLPA were working towards a new CBA that included a 17-game regular season. However, there have been people involved in the matter who refute those reports.

Regardless of what is true and what is false, Sherman seems prepared to be ready for another NFL lockout. The last time there was a lockout was in the previous discussions of a CBA back in 2011.

This time around, the players are fighting to get better conditions for themselves. At the same time, there has constantly been a belief that the power of Roger Goodell is also a vital aspect of a new CBA.

Sherman, who is one of the most vocal players in the NFL, has remained adamant that he believes a lockout is looming. Currently, the NFL seems to want to get a deal done before the new league year begins in March of 2020.

That is due to the NFLPA electing new officers and members to its Executive Committee in March. Therefore, the NFL wants to avoid losing any progress that they may have made in recent months.

On the other hand, Sherman doesn’t believe there has been enough progress to expect a deal in the near future. In the event that both sides can’t come to an agreement before March, the NFL could be heading into a lockout in 2021.