In many ways, Robert Downey Jr. is what comes to everyone's minds when the Marvel Cinematic Universe is mentioned. After playing Iron Man for the entirety of the Infinity Saga, the famed actor got his iconic send-off in Avengers: Endgame when Tony Stark sacrificed himself to defeat Thanos. But while his time in the MCU is over, there's a whole new world of possibilities for him to explore over in the DC universe, especially with James Gunn in the driver's seat. We take a look below at the best DC characters Downey can potentially play.

5 DC roles Robert Downey must take that will break the internet

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5. Sinestro

While the first Green Lantern film starring Ryan Reynolds has become a cautionary tale when it comes to superhero movies, Mark Strong's portrayal of Sinestro was one of its few highlights. That's why it's such a shame he didn't get a chance to come back and give the villain justice in any potential sequel. In this case, Strong's loss can possibly be Robert Downey Jr.'s gain.

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Although Downey is well-known for playing the happy-go-lucky billionaire Tony Stark in the MCU, his undeniable talent is more than enough to pull Sinestro off. With the help of prosthetics, the right amount of CGI, the former Iron Man can definitely make his mark in the new DC Universe as one of its most formidable and scariest antagonists. All that's missing, of course, is the right actor to play Green Lantern and James Gunn will nail this crucial part of the overall franchise.

4. Commissioner Gordon

At this point in time, James Gunn and Peter Safran has their work cut out for them in trying to fill out the new DC cinematic universe. Apart from finding the right people for the big characters, such as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, the pair has to fill out the supporting cast with competent names. In the case of Batman, one person that's vital to the lore is no other than Commissioner James Gordon and Robert Downey Jr. can possibly play him to perfection.

With his vast experience in playing different types of characters, it might be child's play for Downey to play a police commissioner like Gordon. It can also elevate the new Batman franchise in a way that will work best for the new DC cinematic universe as the former Iron Man will definitely bring star power to one of the most recognizable heroes in existence. If DC pulls this one off, expect a lot of people to catch this film in theaters.

3. Maxwell Lord

In the past year alone, Pedro Pascal has dominated pop culture after his impressive performances in The Last Of Us and The Mandalorian season 3. Even if that's the case, his appearance as Maxwell Lord in Wonder Woman 1984 didn't help him at all due to the movie's lackluster story. But that shouldn't take anything away from the character itself as his transformation from part of the Justice League's supporting cast to cunning mastermind planning to overthrow heroes in the comics is one for the books. If DC really wants to give Lord the justice he deserves on screen, Downey can be that guy who makes it happen.

In the comics, Maxwell Lord became one of the catalysts for Infinite Crisis, one of DC's crossover events during the 2000s. In it, we see Lord kill the Ted Kord version of Blue Beetle, outcasted Wonder Woman by forcing her to kill him, and taking over the OMAC technology to take over most of the heroes in the comics. Just by these details alone and you'll see how far the most dangerous version of Lord was to the one Pascal played in Wonder Woman 1984. If given the chance, Downey can play both the flamboyant and cunning sides of Lord to perfection. This, in turn, will help elevate the character and give DC fans a new villain to root for.

2. Batman

Over the years, there have been a few fan-art pieces that depict Robert Downey Jr. as Batman. And while that won't be the case in Gunn's new DC universe since he's gunning for a younger actor, there's always a chance for the MCU star to play a different one in an alternate universe. If the powers-that-be can pull this one off, expect Downey's appearance as Batman to be a very big win for DC. Even if it's a minor appearance, expect the minds of fans to be blown away by this potential scenario.

1. Lex Luthor

Right on top of this list is no other than Lex Luthor, Superman's nemesis and businessman extraordinaire. His penchant to play an eccentric entrepreneur billionaire from the MCU will definitely be of big help here. Just add a bald look to the famed actor, the right script, and a promising actor to play the Man of Steel, and you've got a film that will definitely draw massive levels of hype. In any case, Robert Downey Jr. will definitely steal the show if ever he's chosen to play Luthor in Gunn's new DC universe.

With Downey slowing down on his MCU duties, fans are hoping to see more of him in other franchises. In the event he gets cast into the DC universe, fans will definitely lose their minds. Be on the lookout, especially for Gunn's DC plans in the coming years.