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Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry

5 things you didn’t know about Stephen Curry

Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry has been one of the biggest names not only in the NBA, but in the entire sphere of competitive sports as well. Even the most casual of basketball fan is aware of how Curry pretty much revolutionized the sport through his unmatched shooting prowess, setting Warriors records in the process.

Then again, we’re willing to bet that there are more than a few things most folks don’t know about Curry. Below we’ve outlined some of the most interesting and probably unknown tidbits about the former back-to-back MVP winner.

1. He met Ayesha in a church group

Steph and Ayesha Curry are easily one of the most popular NBA couples ever. You may have already read somewhere that these two were high school sweethearts — they met when Steph was just 15.

As it turns out, this future power couple met in a church group as kids. This was probably some sort of a love-at-first-sight story, but we couldn’t find any proof of that. Both Steph and Ayesha are known to be devout Christians, and it is only fitting that their union all started in church.

2. Nike passed on Curry

During Curry’s rise in the 2010’s, he singlehandedly took once-little known sports apparel brand Under Armour with him to the top. Amazingly, Nike had a chance of signing Curry early in his career, but that just did not work out.

Rumor has it that the Nike executives who pitched Steph even got his name wrong. To be fair to Nike, Curry was not exactly superstar material when he entered the league in the 2009 NBA Draft. Despite losing out on a potential cash cow in Curry and his global brand, Nike is still doing more than alright, so it’s not as if they’re crying over spilled milk here.

3. He was on his way to a Hollywood career as a kid

Okay, that’s a gross exaggeration. Sorry about that. A young Stephen Curry wasn’t exactly Hollywood-bound — though he may have had a shot if he really put some effort into it, honestly — but he did star in a Burger King commercial with his father, Dell Curry, during the 1990’s. We’re sure glad Steph chose to take up a career in basketball instead.

Here’s a look at the aforementioned fast food ad:

4. He loves the occasional “chick flick”

Stephen Curry may be the alpha dog of a star-studded Warriors side, but that does not mean that he doesn’t have a soft side. This comes in the form of the occasional “chick flick.” As a matter of fact, rumor has it that two of Curry’s favorite movies are “The Princess Diaries” and “A Walk to Remember.”

5. Stephen Curry was born in the same hospital as LeBron James

The career paths of Curry and LeBron James collided during the Warriors’ dynasty run in the late 2010’s, meeting on no less than three consecutive times in the Finals. However, the history between these two superstars go way, way back.

You may already know that both players were born in Akron, Ohio, but you probably did not know that they were actually born in the exact same hospital — Akron General Medical Center. LeBron was born in 1984, while Stephen Curry entered the world four years later. Talk about destiny.