Though the World Series is barely over, MLB fans are already clamoring to see where the biggest names on the free agency market will land and if their preferred team will either land a big fish or lose one to another pond. And this year, there isn’t a bigger fish than Aaron Judge, the New York Yankees slugger who set a new AL record for home runs in 2022. Will he stick around with the only professional team he’s known since making his debut in August of 2016, or jump ship to another team, say the San Francisco Giants, or even a third team that emerges in the bottom of the ninth to steal away the four-time All-Star?

Well, according to Jon Heyman of the New York Post, it sure sounds like the Giants are happy are feeling good about their chances.

“The Giants are clearly gung-ho in their efforts and said to be “elated” by their visit this week with Judge,” Heyman wrote. “But the idea they hold an advantage as his “hometown” team seems specious; he’s from Linden, Calif., two hours and a lifestyle away. (Judge actually lives now in Tampa, which is Yankees territory.)”

Alright, so there it is; though the suggestion that Linden, California is a lifestyle away from San Francisco and yet Tampa being Yankees Territory is dubious at best, the fact that a New York-based MLB writer knows that the Giants had a productive meeting with Aaron Judge isn’t a great sign for his future. Then again, until he signs on the dotted line, it’s impossible to truly know what will happen until it does.