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Aaron Rodgers, Packers

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers offense is about to explode

After a disappointing outing against the Minnesota Vikings and no movement at the trade deadline, the Green Bay Packers are looking to bounce back. As important, they are set to equip Aaron Rodgers with weapons needed to help them secure the NFC North.

Several players are on the fridge of returning from injury. On the daily Locked On Packers podcast, Peter Bukowski and Lily Zhao discuss which return would mean the most for the Green Bay Packers.

Bukowski: There is a lot of optimism that some of the players that have been hurt could come back like David Bakhtiari. Ian Rapaport reported that they are pessimistic about Aaron Jones coming back but Allen Lazard has been practicing who could potentially come back on Thursday that would be the biggest boost for this team do you think?

Zhao: I think having Allen back would be great, but I think right now it’s Bakhtiari because again, Aaron Jones’ reports are very pessimistic. I just do not think they would say that two days before a game if Aaron Jones is potentially going to play where he was listed as a limited participant in walkthroughs today. I think that David Bakhtiari gives Aaron Rodgers some protection upfront, hopefully, we can get him back and if that happens, he can open up lanes in the running game as well and that will hopefully get Dexter or Tyler going. I would say David Bakhtiari pending Aaron Jones cannot go.

Bukowski: My take on this is that it is Allen Lazard. If they can get Allen Lazard back, they can open things up a lot for this offense given the way the tight ends have stepped up and their ability to work the middle of the field. I think just having another guy when pressure does come, if there is a blitz or if Aaron Rodgers has to create off schedule, I think his trust in Lazard is unique to him and Devonte Adams. I don’t think anyone else on this roster has that, so I think his return, at least on Thursday, is a big deal for Green Bay.