The Green Bay Packers failed to make the NFL playoffs, yet remain in the headlines given the uncertainty of Aaron Rodgers' future. While sportswriters and fans have discussed the topic endlessly since Green Bay's Week 18 loss against the Detroit Lions, you can't say the same about Rodgers' teammates.

Based on the quotes gathered from various Packers, they all appear primed to give the quarterback the space he needs to make the decision, via Rob Demovsky of ESPN:

“I’m going to let him do this thing, man,” said Defensive tackle Kenny Clark when asked about Aaron Rodgers' potential retirement. “He’s got his own little thoughts and everything, and just let him handle what he’s got to handle.”

Longtime Packers threats in running back Aaron Jones and wide receiver Allen Lazard echoed those same sentiments. Both players know the business side of the NFL and have their own concerns to worry about before thinking about another player's future prospects.

“That thought never even crossed my mind until you, honestly, just said it.” Aaron Jones said. “I hope he’s back. I can’t even process that.”

“I don’t know where I’m going to be at,” said Allen Lazard. “Can’t worry about somebody else.”

The Green Bay Packers could look vastly different next season up and down the roster if and when the largest domino ultimately falls. Aaron Rodgers could very well return for 19th season and all this retirement talk will look silly. But for now, that cloud of uncertainty will hover over the Packers throughout the offseason.