In a recent episode of Dwyane Wade's podcast, “The Why” Las Vegas Aces star Candace Parker opened up about the profound impact Allen Iverson had on her career, not just in her style of play but in the ethos Parker brings to the game.

Wearing the No. 3 in homage to Iverson, Parker reflected on how his fearlessness and individuality resonated with her, shaping her into the player she is today.

“I hate fitting in like, a lane. That is my biggest ick, is fitting in one lane. So I think I took pieces from a lot of different people. I grew up loving (Allen) Iverson, it’s part of the reason I wear No. 3 … I had the finger bands (from Iverson). My brother got drafted to Philly so he was on the team … he gave them to me when I was in … junior high. I wore them in high school.

Parker said her admiration for Iverson was deep-rooted for not only how he played the game, but his approach to being in the spotlight.

“You don’t understand my love for Iverson … I had all the Reebok shoes, the answers, the questions I had everything,” Parker said. “It’s his heart. He didn’t care what people told him he couldn’t do, he was going to do it. And I loved the fact that he was him … He was Iverson. So hate him or love him, he was not going to change based on his environment and I love that.”

Discussing how Iverson changed the NBA, Wade echoed Parker's sentiments.

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“That’s why I had Iverson as the one to walk me, introduce me to the Hall of Fame because (of)  exactly what you said,” Wade said. “For young kids growing up, we idolized the fact that he did challenge the conventional norms, he wasn’t like everyone else … It was a certain way on how you thought you had to be and then Iverson showed up and showed you no you don’t.”

“He changed an entire culture, mentality. I think the NBA as a whole, changed as a result of – he took a bullet and a lot of fines,” added Parker. “You do take a bullet being the first and sometimes people look at you like you’re different. And now you see all these kids out that are able to be themselves and are able to play the game they love.”

Iverson, known for his role in revolutionizing the game during his time with the Philadelphia 76ers, is remembered for his iconic crossover and spirit. Parker's own career achievements parallel the trailblazing path Iverson carved. As a two-time WNBA MVP and champion, Parker has consistently pushed the boundaries, challenging norms just as Iverson did in his time.