Andre Drummond says 'anything is possible' in regards to trade rumors
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Andre Drummond says ‘anything is possible’ in regards to trade rumors

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The Detroit Pistons did not have a great season. After making the playoffs in 2016, the franchise had a down season and fell out of the postseason. Many blamed it on the play of Reggie Jackson, but some blamed it on the play of Andre Drummond as well. Drummond has been with the franchise for five years, earning an All-Star nod in his fourth season.

However, he also had a down year. He averaged less points, rebounds, blocks and minutes per game in comparison to his All-Star season. This has caused many Pistons fans to call for a trade, and those rumors started heating up.

Drummond was approached by TMZ Sports to comment on his future with the franchise, and the franchise itself.

From TMZ:

Andre Drummond is keeping it pretty real when it comes to his future — telling TMZ Sports when it comes to blockbuster trade rumors, “Anything is possible in this league.”

That said, Drummond still has big hopes for the Motor City — telling us the Pistons picked up a lot of great talents in the off-season including Avery Bradley.

“We got a lot of great pieces to be a great team.”

Drummond is right. The organization pulled off a steal with Bradley, one of the best one-on-one defenders in the league. With the Eastern Conference losing multiple All-Stars this offseason, the Pistons can legitimately hope for a playoff spot.