The Los Angeles Angels' centerfield looks dull without the presence of Mike Trout. He has been out due to a wrist injury but a timetable has yet to be released for his return. Phil Nevin and Shohei Ohtani will surely need him back. This is if they want to have a chance in vying for a World Series run come fall.

The Angels are still playing catch-up behind the Seattle Mariners. They are a loss behind with their 56-53 season record. Shohei Ohtani has been giving everything to the Phil Nevin-led Los Angeles squad such that they do not sink. They currently sit fourth in the AL West standings.

A huge absence from the squad has been Mike Trout who may have just gotten an optimistic injury update. The star centerfielder will start hitting off a tee during their practice. The Angels manager also confirmed that Trout has been hitting dry swings two days before, per Rhett Bollinger of the MLB.

His injury recovery is progressing and is slowly getting him back on the field. While there has been no official date for his return to the squad, Nevin posited that his flashes in practice will ramp up his time of return as he is already started hitting baseballs.

A lot is riding on his return to the Angels. They are still roughly 6.5 games back from getting a chance to even earn a wild card position for a World Series run in the postseason. Will Mike Trout make it back in time to propel the team to more wins or should they have just traded Shohei Ohtani?