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Apex Legends servers overflow thanks to hype for Arena, Legacy

Apex Legends, Arena, Legacy, servers down

The hype surrounding Apex LegendsLegacy update, along with its new Arena mode, prevents players from connecting to its servers.

Apex Legends hype overflows servers; players cannot connect

Server issues abound as eager players try to log in simultaneously after downloading Apex Legends‘ newest update. The Legacy update, which brings a new Legend, changes to the map, and an entirely new game mode, among others, excited lots of fans. The excitement took its toll as everyone tried to connect and play simultaneously, leading to server issues. Many players who are late to the party cannot even log in anymore. Meanwhile, even some players already in-game sometimes face random disconnections.

Respawn Entertainment, developers of Apex Legends, acknowledged the situation half an hour after the release of the update. At this point, most players just finished downloading the files. More than an hour later, and some of the issues still persist. “We’re seeing some progress,” tweets Respawn, “but aren’t out of the weeds yet.”

Many fans have been looking forward to this new update. Most players look forward to the new Legend, Valkyrie. Her mobility changes the meta as she can reach heights no one else can with her jet pack. Even her friends can join and fly with her. Meanwhile, a sizable chunk of the community also eagerly awaited the arrival of the new Arena mode. The new Arena mode veers away from most of the battle royale formula’s factors,  focusing instead on a more controlled environment. The elements brought in by the Arena mode make us think it’s Apex Legendskey to success in esports dominance.

Apex Legends Legacy update release date is May 4, 2021, at 10 AM PDT.