Apple has made its next major announcement regarding a revolutionary product: The Apple Vision Pro. The new headset is the first-ever augmented reality headset but comes with a costly price tag of $3,500 and Twitter users are having a field day.

The Vision Pro is a new headset that blends reality. One of its main features is the ability to have an immersive home media viewing experience. There are more pixels on one side of the headset alone than on a 4K TV in total. With the headset, you are also able to scale apps.

This also marks Apple's first-ever 3D camera. You can capture memories in spatial photos and videos. While these new photos and videos will be more immersive, old photos and videos will still look incredible. There are also life-size FaceTime videos that will make it feel like the person you're speaking to is right there.

Twitter users are having a field day with this new announcement from Apple. Twitter user @MikeIsaac said, “I am sorry but strapping a 3500 pair of VR goggles to your face in public is like taping a ‘Please Rob Me' sign to your chest.”

Another Twitter user, @Quarandale, said that the Vision Pro looked “cool as hell.”

@CLBsammy poked fun at the augmented reality immersion of Apple's latest innovation, saying, “Do not play GTA with the new Apple Vision Pro headset s**t is too real,” with a video of someone shooting their TV.

The Apple Vision Pro headset will become available “early next year.” It'll cost you a pretty penny to acquire it, but this is one heck of a step into the future.