After an abysmal 2023 season, the Arkansas football team needed a new offensive coordinator, and the position went to a familiar face. Bobby Petrino is back with the Razorbacks as he is the new OC for the team, and the fan base is happy to have him back. He recently met with the media, and while he did discuss his new position with Arkansas a lot, he did also discuss something that many coaches have talked about this year: sign-stealing.

One of the biggest stories in college football this season has been the sign-stealing scandal involving the Michigan football team. The Wolverines allegedly had a staff member illegally steal signs by sending non-staff members to opponents games to film the sidelines. After Petrino was named the new OC for Arkansas football, he was asked the situation, and he has experienced some sign-stealers before.

“I honestly didn’t pay any attention to [the Michigan story], but I do know when you went and played Clemson that they were going to have your signals,” Petrino said in a video posted to Twitter by Brad Crawford. “They had guys on the sideline standing there with the sheet of paper with your signals on it.”

One thing that has become apparent from the Michigan scandal is that it seems like a lot of teams steal signs, it's just a matter of how it's done. There is a legal way to do it, and because Petrino knows it happens, he will likely be very careful with his signs at Arkansas.