Ayesha Curry is launching her own food-delivery start up
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Ayesha Curry is launching her own food-delivery start up

The Curry family’s success continues to grow beyond Steph Curry‘s work on the basketball court. Ayesha Curry, who has been making headlines for various reasons over the last month or so, has established herself as a driven and adept business woman. Her latest venture comes in the form of a food delivery start-up under the name of Gather.

The company will deliver ingredients and recipes directly to customers’ doors on a weekly basis and follows in the footsteps companies like Blue Apron, Plated and Hello Fresh. The aforementioned companies deliver a service that can reach cities all over America, whilst it’s currently unconfirmed how far Gather can stretch geographically.

It has been mentioned that Curry’s company will offer recipes that are inspired by meals that she cooks her family, including the food prepared for her young children. This is another example of the family publicly showcasing their home-life, which is something that they have been known to do. Ayesha clearly has a love for cooking, which she has shared via homemade tutorial videos on YouTube and in her own cookbook.

Many details regarding logistics are still unclear and the pricing is sure to be announced upon launch. The site is not yet ready to use and the date is yet to be confirmed but it does offer customers the chance to sign up for the waiting list.

Whilst other companies are able to provide the same service and the idea will not break boundaries, the ever-increasing profile and earning power of Ayesha will surely play a part in the success of this ambitious move.

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