Robert Tonyan left the Green Bay Packers for their NFC North division rival Chicago Bears in NFL free agency earlier this offseason. Speaking on the current state of the division, Tonyan believes the NFC North is ‘wide open' for the Bears taking, reports MSN's Alyssa Barbieri.

“It's wide open. That's the best part. Everyone is young. Everyone is new. You have good players on every team. That's the thing. There is no favorite. And it's wide open. And that's exactly where you want to be.”

Robert Tonyan emphasizes that it is not just the Bears but every team in the NFC North that looks to be on fresh footing. Still, he believes the Bears are in a great position because no one expects them to be at the top of the division.

“I love where we are at. Overlooked, underrated, whatever you want to call it. But they still gotta step on the field because they've gotta see us. I'm excited.”

Tonyan mirrors a lot of the sentiments coming out of Bears camp and around Bears nation. The excitement surrounding the team is palpable, as a whole lot of young talent has been loaded up alongside veteran playmakers, all leading back to burgeoning superstar quarterback Justin Fields.

If Fields turns into the quarterback that the Bears envision him to be, then Chicago could be a threat in the NFC North for a very long time. That is most likely what Robert Tonyan saw when he decided to sign with the Bears this offseason, and he will be thrilled if the Bears can make a run at the division in his first year in Chicago.