The Chicago Bears have been planning a move to Arlington Heights and a goodbye to Soldier Field for some time now. However, the Bears released a statement after a meeting with the city of Naperville on Friday morning that might have put a hitch in their plans, reports The Chicago Tribune.

“The Cook County Assessor’s property assessment of the former horse-track, which is five times the 2021 tax value and three times higher than the recent assessment settlement for the Churchill Downs racetrack in Kentucky, fails to reflect that the property is not operational and not commercially viable in its current state.”

The Bears continued in the statement to emphasize that other options are now being looked at.

“We will continue the ongoing demolition activity and work toward a path forward in Arlington Heights, but it is no longer our singular focus. It is our responsibility to listen to other municipalities in Chicagoland about potential locations that can deliver on this transformational opportunity for our fans, our club and the state of Illinois.”

All of the sudden the move to Arlington Heights looks like it could be in jeopardy, although it is definitely still a possibility. For Bears faithful, Soldier Field has been a staple of their franchise for years and there were plenty of mixed reactions to a move. Now that some obstacles are coming up, it will be interesting to see how those around the Bears respond.

In the end, the Bears will still be playing at Soldier Field for a few years before any new stadium would be ready. It remains to be seen if that future move will be to Arlington Heights or not.