Sometimes it is best to just be interesting. Winning is obviously of paramount importance, but when there is no clear path to success, an organization has to sometimes set off some dynamite in the hopes of creating a new one. The Chicago Bears were well stocked with explosives this offseason, barreling their way through the 2023 NFL Draft and free agency to make a big impact.

Their path remains unclear, but much-needed excitement has been infused into a franchise that has frankly been too bland much of the last decade. That should not be a problem heading into next season after such an active and bold last couple of months. But with that type of mindset that so many fans desperately want to see, comes a risk of crashing and burning while still incurring the wrath of fans.

Did Chicago light one dynamite stick too many? That will not be answered for several months, maybe even years, but we will do our best in examining that question right now. Here is the Bears' riskiest free agency move in the 2023 NFL offseason.

Why Tremaine Edmunds is the biggest free agency risk for Bears

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The Bears traded the No. 1 overall pick in the NFL Draft, made an additional draft day move to take offensive tackle Darnell Wright and let one of the two running backs most responsible for the league's best rushing attack go to another team. Those moves and gambles alone are enough to fill an offeason, but the biggest leap of faith the front office is taking is that Tremaine Edmunds can be a worthwhile commodity at $72 million, 50 guaranteed.

I anticipate eyes will immediately roll after that statement. After all, weakside linebacker was one of the top needs for this team heading into free agency after they shipped Roquan Smith to the Baltimore Ravens last October. The Bears immediately addressed those concerns by signing the former Buffalo Bills linebacker (as well as T.J. Edwards). So, why would there be a risk?

There are actually two reasons, value and the team's progression timetable. First how about some positives?

Edmunds has a lot going for him, having five years of league experience at just the age of 25. He is a two-time Pro Bowl selection and has recorded 100 total tackles every season of his career. The former first-round pick out of Virginia Tech is a good linebacker who has improved in every area, particularly coverage. He undoubtedly bolsters what was a feeble Chicago defense in 2022-23.

But that is a lot of money to dole out to that position. Sacks and quarterback pressures are king when it comes to NFL defenses, and Tremaine Edmunds totaled just one sack last season and has 6.5 for his career. An inside linebacker's value cannot be measured strictly by those statistics, but his other skills and intangibles may not warrant a hefty four-year investment.

Moreover, this is an acquisition befitting of a playoff team. It is unknown exactly where the Bears' competitive timetable lies right now. They have surrounded QB Justin Fields with weapons and protection and no longer have to worry about Aaron Rodgers in the NFC North. A postseason berth would be a big jump from a dreadful 3-14 campaign, but it is attainable after all of general manager Ryan Poles' maneuvering in the 2023 offseason. Attainable, yet uncertain.

The Edmunds move exudes a lot of confidence from Chicago. A rebuild no longer feels like a suitable label for this franchise. The expectation should now be Wild Card flirtation at the very least, with Edmunds being a key part of that goal. If this team remains in the cellar, fans will have multiple scapegoats to target, but this lucrative deal will be a firm reminder that the Bears misjudged their trajectory and talent level.

Again, though, they are doing all that can be expected from a team in their position. Chicago has focused on balancing out its young roster and now fearlessly charges ahead with the most clear vision the franchise has had in ages. There is some risk, but there is also a lot of effort being made.

And isn't that all Bears fans can really ask for?