Justin Fields is entering the home stretch of his third season with the Chicago Bears. He has played 35 games in a Bears uniform, and he has had his share of highlights and key mistakes. ESPN analyst and Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman has observed Fields throughout his career, and he saw him up close and personal last Monday night when they defeated the Minnesota Vikings 12-10 in the nationally televised game.

Fields hit wide receiver D.J. Moore with a key 36-yard pass late in the 4th quarter that set up the game-winning field goal by Cairo Santos. That throw came shortly after Fields fumbled twice in the final quarter. One of those fumbles set up Minnesota's go-ahead touchdown, and the second fumble could have clinched the game for the Vikings if the Bears had not played stellar defense.

Aikman expressed belief that the Bears have enough evidence to make a decision on their QB needs for the future. The Bears have their own draft pick and that of the Carolina Panthers, and they could have the No. 1 pick in a draft that features some highly touted quarterbacks.

Aikman made his feelings known on the Danny Parkins & Matt Spiegel show on WSCR-AM (Audacy) in an interview: “My thought is they probably already know the answer to that. I don't know that what he might show them here at the end of the season is going to affect that decision.”

Troy Aikman did not say whether the Bears would commit to Justin Fields or find a new quarterback, but he suggested that NFL teams are “less patient” with young quarterbacks than they were in the past.

That could suggest that a new quarterback will be drafted by the Bears.