The quiet success of 2016's The Accountant was enough to get a sequel greenlit that would reunite stars Ben Affleck and Jon Bernthal with director Gavin O'Connor to continue the story of Affleck's quiet but deadly titular character. It has taken roughly eight years, but the sequel is finally in production and audiences now have their first look at Affleck and Bernthal reunited on set.

Affleck and Bernthal were spotted working on the sequel in Los Angeles, with various photos showing the pair during or in-between takes according to JustJared. While it is not clear what they are filming, the tactical gear some of the people on set appearing to be sporting suggests they are in the middle of shooting an action sequence involving Affleck's Christian Wolff and Bernthal's Braxton.

Ben Affleck, The Accountant poster, Amazon MGM Studios logo

Several of the photos also feature co-star Cynthia Addai-Robinson, who is also returning for the sequel as Treasury agent Marybeth Medina that now finds herself working with Wolff.

The photos were taken roughly a month into filming for the sequel as production only began in California near the end of March. Very few details are known about the film, otherwise, but director Gavin O'Connor previously teased the film will make the relationship between Affleck and Bernthal's estranged brothers a point of focus.

Accounting for Time

Released back in 2016, The Accountant followed Ben Affleck's Christian Wolff, an autistic accountant who helps launder money for some of the most dangerous individuals and criminal organizations across the world. However, he soon finds himself targeted by a wealthy tech CEO after discovering massive irregularities in the company's finances that could jeopardize it as it prepares to go public.

Wolff finds himself having to protect a young accountant for the company, portrayed by Anna Kendrick, as well as she was the one to first notice the irregularities.

Wolff also finds himself the target of Marybeth Medina after she is tasked by Treasury veteran Ray King, portrayed by JK Simmons, to uncover Wolff's identity. It is later revealed King had been working with Wolff for years and handpicked Medina to replace King as Wolff's contact in the Treasury Department.

The film received mixed to positive reviews at release for the performances and action sequences, though there was some criticism for The Accountant's portrayal of autism. It also grossed $155.2 million at the box office against a budget of around $44 million, making the film a quiet success for Warner Bros. at the time.

A sequel was revealed to be in development by June 2017, though development would end up being a slow process and it wouldn't bend up being officially greenlit until 2021.

The Accountant 2 finally began production in March 2024, when it was also confirmed Amazon MGM Studios had bought the distribution rights for the film from WB. It was also confirmed Simmons and Addai-Robinson would be returning alongside Affleck and Bernthal for the sequel.

The Accountant 2 is in production and does not have a targeted release date.