That's a game that everyone's gonna want to forget. Week 1 of the Cincinnati Bengals started off in the worst way possible: getting blown out by the Cleveland Browns. After signing a massive mega-deal, Joe Burrow visibly struggled against Cleveland. While he didn't throw any picks, he only had 82 yards in the air for the entire game. That's an atypical performance for a player who was in the top-5 in MVP voting.

It was clear that changes need to be made after the game. That wasn't just limited to on-field adjustments, though. Joe Burrow walked into the Bengals' practice sporting a new haircut. When asked what prompted the fresh cut, Burrow had a rather cheeky answer, per Paul Dehner Jr.

“Joe Burrow on how you know it is time for a new haircut: “When you have a game like that on Sunday.””

A little bit after this interaction, Burrow was once again asked about the haircut. The Bengals star admitted that the bad game might be partly the reason for his haircut. It's not uncommon for pro athletes to do these things: pros are notoriously superstitious. Perhaps this was Burrow's way of “expunging” the bad juju he had for the game.

Burrow and the Bengals offense are hoping that all of the rust accumulated has been shaken off in that Week 1 disaster. They once again face another division rival, this time the Baltimore Ravens. Can Burrow and co. destroy the battered Baltimore battalion and get revenge for last week's terrible showing?