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Zac Taylor zinged by his Eagles assistant coach brother for his NFL Draft setup

Zac Taylor, Bengals

Philadelphia Eagles assistant coach Press Taylor had some fun with his brother, Cincinnati Bengals coach Zac Taylor, over his draft setup. Zac Taylor had ordered Dark Chocolate” Ridgeley U-shaped desk to be his new desk, but he found out a few days before the draft that it wouldn’t arrive until the week after the draft.

That left Taylor with his old desk. Increasing the tomfoolery, the team threw up a Bengals backdrop behind him. Compared to some of the other draft setups, Taylor’s looked like underwhelming.

Press Taylor found every screenshot he could of the setup and sent it to his brother. Zac said with all the heat he received the only thing he could do was laugh at himself.

“I was going to have this beautiful setup, and the whole world won’t be able to see it,” the Bengals coach said via Jeremy Fowler of ESPN. “You have to be able to laugh at yourself.”

In 10 years there also will be no talk about the way Taylor’s draft room looked. Rather, it will be about Joe Burrow and the rest of the NFL Draft class. Taylor said after the draft he was excited about how the team improved.

“We really helped ourselves — not just this weekend, but really, over the last month-and-a-half,” head coach Zac Taylor said on Saturday via James Rapien of SI.com. “We put ourselves in a really good position — not only from starters that we’ve acquired, but players that are going to add depth and value there. I’m really excited about how the weekend has shaken out.”