Buffalo Bills Pro Bowl left tackle Dion Dawkins has been an absolute stud for the Bills offense and Josh Allen ever since arriving into the NFL. One of the keys to his success might be his eagerness to put on the pads at practice, reports Barstool Sports' Pardon My Take.

“The crazy thing is…I think practice is harder without pads than it is with pads…it is hard to differentiate from the trenches. When you are in the trenches it is physical all the time, just a standard of physical…I take it where, it is harder the day before.”

Dion Dawkins argues that practice with the Bills is harder without pads on because of how much he and the rest of the offensive and defensive line are engrained to pursue contact. In his personal opinion, the days leading up to practice without pads are a lot tougher because he is so excited to let the reigns off and hit someone when he puts the pads on.

This take from Dawkins makes a lot of sense given how dominant he has been on the football field. The two-time Pro Bowl left tackle has shown that he can be one of the most physical left tackles in the NFL while he does his job in protecting the blind side of franchise quarterback Josh Allen.

Stay tuned into Bills training camp for any more updates regarding Dion Dawkins and how much he loves to hit. Buffalo will hope that he doesn't get carried away before the regular season and sustain an injury that could keep him out of the important games.