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Jordan Poyer’s wife’s vaccination questioned by Bills fans on social media

Buffalo Bills, Jordan Poyer, Rachel Bush

Jordan Poyer’s wife Rachel Bush is being quizzed by some Buffalo Bills fans to reveal whether she is vaccinated or not.

Pegula Sports & Entertainment and the Erie County Department of Health is requiring every fan who will come to see the Bills at Highmark Stadium would need to be vaccinated. The guidelines were clearly stated prior to Buffalo’s game against the Washington Football Team on Sunday.

However, after Jordan Poyer’s wife Rachel Bush shared her thoughts about the said protocols while inside the stadium during the game, some Bills fans became skeptical about her getting vaccinated and how she was allowed to get in, having been infected with COVID-19 in the past.

“You got the vaccine??? or an exemption?,” a fan questioned. “had to sell my tickets for next week’s game because I was previously infected and refuse to get the jab when I have antibodies.”

“At least one unvaccinated individual got into the bills game, maybe a fake vaccine card? Hmmmm Rachel?,” one fan asked.

“So… A) Rachel Bush finally got a vaccine shot? (Doubtful) B) A fake vaccine card? (A literal crime) C) An “exception” being made for a player’s wife?,” another fan commented.

Bush further argued that natural antibodies testing for people who were previously infected with COVID-19 should be considered as a replacement for the vaccine mandate, something one Bills fan also slammed.

“I think this could easily be a lawsuit,” Bush tweeted. “Especially since there are multiple studies now showing natural immunity over the vaccine.”

“Lmao. It’s not a lawsuit. They are allowed to make that choice,” a fan replied. “Going to a game is a choice, not mandatory. Also you’ve been asked multiple times, did you get the vaccine? Or are you going to avoid that question?”