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Blockbuster trade Chargers must offer Falcons for Julio Jones

Atlanta Falcons star wide receiver Julio Jones requested a trade in March according to ESPN insider Adam Schefter. The Los Angeles Chargers could solidify themselves as a contender if they make a trade for Jones. They are coming off of a 7-9 season but they now have a franchise quarterback in Justin Herbert.

Herbert was phenomenal in his rookie season as he won Offensive Rookie of the Year and broke many rookie records. He has the most total touchdowns by a rookie in NFL history with 36 and has shown his true potential. If the Chargers are able to pull off a trade for Jones, it would bolster the offense towards the top of the league.

Chargers offer for Julio Jones

While Jones will get traded that doesn’t mean it will be for nothing. According to Schefter, the Falcons are seeking a first-round pick for the 32-year-old. It seems they are not going to get a first round pick from any team as they have been listening to offers since March. This benefits the Chargers as they can make a move for Jones without giving up too much. An offer of a second round pick, a fourth round pick, and a sixth round pick may get the trade done. At least the Chargers can start there, and if the Falcons ask for more, Los Angeles can reconsider whether it really needs to pull off a deal involving future assets.

The Falcons are likely not going to get a first round pick. This trade would help them retool. They are desperate to create cap space. Getting back solid draft compensation is the way to go. For the Chargers this trade would benefit the entire offense. Herbert would have another star receiver while Keenan Allen would have an elite player next to him. A receiving duo of Allen and Jones would be a nightmare to stop especially with Herbert throwing to them.

Jones is still one of the best receivers in the league even at 32 years old. Pairing him with Allen could even elevate his play to the level he was at in his prime. Opposing teams wouldn’t be able to double-team both receivers so it would be a pick and choose for defenses. Although the Chiefs are in the division, if the Chargers make this trade they have the talent to win the division.

The Chargers have made many roster moves throughout the offseason. One can reasonably say the team has already improved. They signed Pro Bowl Center Corey Linsley who is arguably the best center in the league.

The Chargers made other great moves in the draft to improve the roster. In the first round, they ensured the protection of Herbert by drafting offensive tackle Rashawn Slater. Slater is the best day one tackle in the class and will instantly help the offensive line. They made another great draft pick later by selecting cornerback Asante Samuel Jr. in the second round. Samuel Jr. will improve the secondary and the Chargers look ready to contend.

Adding Jones to these moves would make the team complete. He is a seven-time Pro Bowler and has proven his ability to improve offensive production. General manager Tom Telesco has made a ton of great moves for the team but could hit the jackpot by trading for Jones. He is a unique talent that doesn’t come around often and he would instantly put the Chargers in a position to contend.