Former All-Pro wide receiver Brandon Marshall made roughly $42 million in his 12 seasons in the NFL, but it was in his third season when he reached out to his then-Denver Broncos teammate Jay Cutler to help him out with some gambling debt.

“I've never told this story before,” Brandon Marshall said during the inaugural episode of his I AM ATHLETE podcast. “My third year in the league [with the Broncos], I had to call Jay Cutler and ask for $60,000. I was out in Vegas, and I lost all my money.”

The 36-year-old veteran went on to say that he lost $70,ooo in that particular day before recalling how he reached out to his Broncos teammate, who asked him to sign a document before lending him money.

“I'm at the Mirage. I lose $70,000. I call my people. I'm like, ‘Yo, get me at the Wynn.' Now, I'm chasing. So, I go to the Wynn and lose another 70-something thousand dollars, bro. I'm literally in the Wynn hotel, and I call Jay. I'm like, ‘Jay, I'm in some trouble. I need $60,000.' He's like, ‘Aw, sheesh. B Marsh!' He's like, ‘All right. This is what we're gonna do, though. You're gonna sign a paper. Some type of document. You owe me.' Soon as I landed, he had that $60,000 check. I paid the marker off. We went back into the season,” the x-Broncos wideout shared.


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Clearly, this little mishap of Marshall did not affect his performance for the Broncos in 2008 (Marshall’s third year), as the then-24-year-old receiver made his first Pro Bowl that season with 104 receptions for 1265 yards and six touchdowns.

Marshall would go on to make another Pro Bowl with the Broncos as well as two in Chicago and one each in Miami and with the New York Jets.